Political DataViz: How to Steal an Election – Visual Guide

Visualizing data makes it so easy to understand. This is so clear, I hafta reblog it!

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Gerrymandering has been part of the political landscape for over 200 years. Yet, many people do not fully understand what it is and it is often difficult to explain.

The chart above was adapted by The Washington Post from a similar one that was posted to Reddit back in 2015. This chart provides a simple, more visual way to understand the process of gerrymandering. But, for those of you into the historical aspects of politics, I have provided a more detailed explanation based on material provided by Andrew Prokop on

What is gerrymandering? [2]

In the US, every state elects a certain number of people to the House of Representatives — a number that’s based on the Census count of the state’s population. Pennsylvania, for instance, elects 18 House members. So Pennsylvania has to be divided into 18 congressional districts with roughly equal populations. In most US states, this process…

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    • Howdy James!

      It seems that the federal courts, at least in the district that covers Texas, this corruption is still considered. As I recall, though, the redistricting lines in Florida have had some federal troubles on their own. Of course, the current administration might be pursuing those cases differently…



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