Media Sources

This blog follows the recommendations of WordPress concerning using copyrighted material. Every effort has been made to use fair-use license material and attribute where possible.


Written Material

When using written material that I did not produce, I will provide a link to the source. If the written material originates in print, I will provide a link to either a legal electronic copy or a link to the book, journal, or magazine article.

When using written material that I did produce — usually cribbing from old blog posts, I will state it in the text of the post and provide a link in the text to the previous post before the cribbing occurs.


Almost all media appearing on the blog was found using a Creative Commons Search to find images that have been licensed for fair use, commercial uses, or modify, adapt, or build upon license unless otherwise specified.

Occasionally, I will use images that I have produced. I will state so when I do. Those images are free for use.

All feature images and any other images used in the post will attributed in a section entitle, Image Attribution, appearing at the end of the post.

Video is from youtube unless otherwise specified.


Please note that these practices were instituted sometime in either 2017 or 2018. Posts published before then made every effort to identify sources through links, captions, and alt text.

Mia Culpa

If an image has been used against the wishes of the creator, please let me know. I will remove it without hesitation, question, or argument.

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