Is the Republican end strategy to default on US debt to destroy the economy and create a US oligarchy?

The Republican Party Means to Destroy the World Economy to Create a US Oligarchic Dystopia

Reading time: 4 minutes
The Republicans sure do seem intent on destroying the US. Defaulting on the debt would cripple our economy and create the conditions for them to usher in their GOP Dystopia.

How is the rich inner world of autistic people a gift to the world?

The Rich Inner World of Autism, Its Gift to the World

Reading time: 5 minutes
Autistic people are far more inwardly focused than outwardly. We’re obsessed with our weird obsessions. We spend endless hours thinking about them and imagining them. What if, we could harness all of that imagining and make it somehow productive in the world. What if it were an asset in the workplace or classroom?

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