Month: August 2021

Was there a birthday this week on Ye Olde Blogge?

Whaz Up!?! Monday 30 August 2021

Reading time: 2 minutes
The first week of school is always a killer. The first week back to work after 18 months of idleness is a killer. Put them together, and, well, you get a shortened Whaz Up column.

What groups are the Republican Party scapegoating as they become more fascist and authoritarian?

A Quickie: GQP Scapegoating of Blacks and Immigrants Will Drive Increases in Hate Crimes and Violence

Reading time: 2 minutes
All fascist and authoritarian movements need a scapegoat. It is clear that #COVID19, the Delta Variant has upended their plans to run on anti-immigrant fear mongering, so they are just making everything bad is because of immigrants and by extension the replacement theory. Here’s an example.

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What's new this week at Ye Olde Blogge?

Whaz Up?!? Monday 2 August 2021

Reading time: 3 minutes
We ran a little long this week just because we could! Yes, I have a new laptop! Read all about it and the amusing stuff I’ve been reading from the WordPress Reader and other news sources. There’s an update on the Cambodia #COVID19 front and some surprising news about #COVID19 vaccination resistance, too.

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