Howdy y’all!

jon_sepiaI am a good ol’ Southern boy who made good as a liberal and as a high school teacher after a misspent youth gettin’ into all sorts of trouble and hijinx. Iffin’ we ever meet up IRL, I’ll tell you about it over a beer or sumpthin.

I am a politics and news junkie, and between this here 2016 presidential election and my daily dose of snark from Wonkette, I wuz inspired to write this here blog about politics and stuff.

As a high school social studies teacher, I knows a lots about all the histories and other social studies like psychologies. I even teach all the psychologies. My particular psychology interests are cognitive and social psychology. And, I think it is so very very interesting that the principles, concepts, and theories can be used to understand our politics and news. I’m so thrilled by it all, I write it down here on this blog for you to read — but I know no one really reads it, except for you, MOM <3.

Anywho, I’d love love love to read a comment… I would. I like that. You know I’d like that. A free lifetime subscription for anyone who knows who inspired that statement.


Huzzah and Snarkily Yours!