The Nightmare Ends! The World has been SAVED!

Where have I been? Why haven’t I been posting at the same incredible rate that I had been in the first two months of the blog? Was it just the old drop off after the initial enthusiasm? Had I been kidnapped? Was I in an accident? Was there a fire? An earthquake? Was the sun in my eyes? No one, absolutely no one, including my only loyal reader — I’m looking at you mom! — was wondering. In fact, there was probably just relief from all those who were reluctant to check their FB feed, WP reader, or the Blogging Meet Up page lest there is a post from me lurking there begging for your attention but only getting ignored.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, amirite?

The Kindle Fire

I’ve not posted for over two weeks because I was sans computer. The school that I had worked at KEPT the computer that they supply to every member of the faculty just because I left the job! Jeez! The ingrates.

KindleFireModern life is really tough without a computer. I had been using my Kindle Fire. I LOVE the device. It’s great for cruising the internet, reading, watching video, and playing games, but it doesn’t work well if you need to type a lot. Emails are one thing, but my posts are 1,500 to 3,000 words. It is really hard to produce that many words without driving yourself completely crazy by tapping on that screen. It’s bad enough to be commenting on the various forums and FB and writing short emails, but trying to manage the typing and cutting and pasting that a post like this necessitates is damn near impossible.

The New Computer

SpectreFinally, I was able to go out an buy a computer. I have an HP Spectre now. I’ve set up the anti-virus stuff, bought into MicroSoft Office, downloaded Chrome, and began recovering all of the passwords I’ve forgotten. So far, so good. The Spectre is thin — not important to me, really — and does that 360° thing, which is cool, and it is easy to type on — easier than the old MacBook Pro. It is the resistance of the keys. Most importantly, though, is the emptiness of the harddrive — soon to be rectified!

So, anywho. It’s here. And, I am back to posting!

The Brave New World

Man, go on vacation and the world falls into a true shitstorm! The world has changed a LOT in the two weeks that we’ve been travelling and not shopping for a new computer. The post I had been working on was about terrorism and the risk that Trump poses. But, I think I can adapt it to the shootings of last week, though. I hope to have it up later today. You probably aren’t not interested in these things, though, amirite?


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  1. Well I for one am looking forward to what you throw down in your next post. I am glued to my tech, but find that if I can’t use it, I don’t miss it as much. Of course, I’m so rarely stranded on remote topical beaches or mountain summits. But when I am, I’m good without a keyboard! Glad you’re back.

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  2. I’m glad you got a new computer, and hope you are having a dandy time getting to know it. I won’t lie and say I wondered where you’d gotten off to, because that’s your business. I’m just happy to have clicked on your blog today and found you at home. You have a way with words, and a very respectable sense of humor. I also like your blog title. The personality of your blog is what makes it nice to read. Whether you type 100 or 1000 words, when you’re at home people will read. Sounds to me like you’ve been on an adventure while you were away. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Welcome back!

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    • thank you so much. It has been an adventure. Almost worth its own blog post. I appreciate the good words and hope to be catching up with everyone else’s blogging over the next week or two.

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  3. No COMPUTER? Wow! I felt my blood pressure drop as I read your post. How did you manage without the assistance of a good counselor and therapy? TWO WEEKS! I could not do it. Glad you’re back and have your pacifier again. I could not do without mine. :>)

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    • I am amazed at how much our lives are anchored by our computers and how much of our lives are on electronic devices. We have our work, our family life, and our personal life on our computers, phones, and tablets and whatever else people have. It all jumbles together.

      At least we were travelling and busy!

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  4. Welcome back, CalicoJack, I’m shopping for a new computer too, dread the “new” computer hassle.With reference to the “violence”, we just don’t learn do we. Or, is the “learning curve” so long, we’ll never reach it. What a dreadful thought.

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    • Good luck with the computer shopping! It ain’t easy and it is a big big decision that you’re stuck with for a while. Let me know what you get!

      I’m just glad that there aren’t riots in the street.


      • On the computer “front” I’ve been vacillating between a desktop and a laptop. I know, “old” school but I like a CD drive, a keyboard, yada, yada. It’s been 8 years since the last one. I’m not an Apple fan so it’ll be a Windows-based “headache machine.” To be continued.
        Unfortunately, we’re not at the conventions yet. I feel sorry for Cleveland but grateful it’s not Chicago. To be continued.

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