Did Trump buy the Fourth Estate?

A fascinating read on Trump’s use, manipulation, and intimidation of the media. If true, Trump is more of a psychopath than an ineffective narcissist. In fact, this is bit frightening.

Sarah Kendzior

I have been writing and tweeting about Trump’s relationship with the US media for over a year. Now I have written a summary of the fiasco, appropriately published in a Canadian newspaper, where I can speak freely. An excerpt:

Some have accused the media of fabricating a “horse race,” but this is an erroneous assumption. As shown over the summer – when Mr. Trump insulted the family of a fallen veteran, feuded with a baby and called on Russia to obtain Ms. Clinton’s e-mails, among other things – one does not need to cover Mr. Trump favourably to get favourable ratings. Viewers will tune in because it is the Trump Show. Ms. Clinton, similarly, is a source of both fascination and contempt. Americans will watch no matter what.

Something more ominous seems to be guiding the skewed coverage. Mr. Trump has named the media his enemy, despite its history…

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