Quick Thoughts: Pence’s Body Language Betrays His Lies

We all remember the TV show, Lie to Me. That was the one about the guy who could read micro-expressions real good and catch terrorists, murderers, and his philandering work mates real good. Well sir, I watched every episode and took notes, so I can be as good as that fictional character is at looking deep into the super secret souls of people who speak and have emotions.

universalemotionsMicro-expressions are those facial changes that take place to reflect one of the six universal emotions: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, fear. Ekman established two things: (1) these emotions are universal, i.e. they are experienced in every culture in the world; and (2) people will display these emotions, involuntarily, for about 1/25 of a second before being able to mask them. This implies, as Ekman will charge you $200.00 to learn, that if you’re fast enough, you can perceive them, too! Hey, if you sign up and do the training, let me know what happens and what you think and stuff in the comments, OKAY?

Okay, so one of those secrets is to watch when someone shakes their head no or nods yes and whether it matches what the person is saying. For example, does the person say, Yes, I am, while shaking their head no or nodding yes? Okay, watch this tape of Mike Pence being interviewed about Trump’s charity problems, and you tell me whether Pence is shaking his head no, when he should be nodding yes.

258000Right away, on The 11th Hour, Brian Williams asks Pence to respond to the Washington Post story that the Trump Foundation used $258,000.00 to pay off legal claims against Trump or his businesses. Let’s watch and catalog the conflicting body language and statements:

  • Immediately, Pence shakes his head no as he begins to state that there were errors in the story. Essentially, his body language tells you that he doesn’t think there are factual problems with the story. Essentially, he is telling you that he is lying.
  • As he goes on to do his dutiful duty to shift the focus to how evil the Clinton Foundation is for spending 90% of all of its donations on actual charitable services and initiatives and not paying any of the three Clintons one copper cent and, of course, Clinton as Secretary of State met with diplomats whose countries donated to the foundation because they donated or she was Secretary of State and part of her job was to meet with high ranking diplomats. Anywho, he is doing his dutiful duty to shift to the doo-doo all the while shaking his head no telling you that he doesn’t believe that the Clinton Foundation did anything wrong.
  • And, last, Williams asks Pence if he knows the factual errors that were made in the Washington Post article, and Pence nods yes while saying no, he doesn’t telling us that there are no factual errors in the article and shaking his head no as he says there are many errors in the previous Post articles telling us — you guessed it because you are smart — that there are no errors in those articles.


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