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    • Howdy Francese!

      The holidays will do that to you. As a teacher, my crunch came at the beginning of December when we were ending the semester and preparing to leave for the holidays. On holiday, though, I injured my knee and had to rest it by sitting on the couch while Ma Femme brought me cold and hot drinks and stuff, so I was able to write a good bit. I particularly enjoyed the Anthony Wiener saga, the bastard.

      I’m glad you’re back and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, if I may be so bold.



      • I had a delicious little read for you that vanished when the computer went into spaz mode… couldn’t retrieve it …. of course I am still trying to find the source for this particular tasty article from a” born and bred in the south” gentle man that had a terrific take of what is happening in the south….and how the whole ” red neck’ phenomena totally confuses and angers him…as in ” ignorant and damned proud of it” sigh who knows maybe the ” info retrieval fairy ” will take pitty on me and it will appear again.. Any way … Happy New Year to you and Yours…!


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