Hispanic Federation: “Unidos”: A Hurricane Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

It is becoming increasingly embarrassing to be an American. Consider the following:

  • Many Americans are completely nonplussed by the absolute destruction that was visited upon Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria mostly because they don’t realize that Puerto Rico is part of America and all citizens there are American! Of course, these folks are brown and black and Spanish is widely spoken there, so they don’t count as Americans, amirite?
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber hasn’t said much about Puerto Rico, the other Caribbean islands affected by the numerous hurricanes to have devastated the area in the past month, the earthquakes in Mexico — thankfully we’re supplying assistance, though.
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber exposing his racist heart for the world to see when he goes after Colin Kaepernick et al. for kneeling in protest of police brutally murdering innocent unarmed black citizens with little or no consequence other than tax payer paid for court trial that will find them not guilty and a few weeks on desk duty. At least now we know why he is ignoring the Americans on Puerto Rico: they’re Hispanic, i.e. brown, so they don’t count.
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is too weak not to be baited into a nuclear-fueled pissing contest with a substantially weaker nation.

This shit makes it embarrassing to be an American. But, just when you think the end of our democracy that we were duped into believing in is about to end, along comes some good folks.

Joy-Ann Reid opines over on The Daily Beast that Puerto Rico is the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s Katrina, which makes me go, hmmm… I wish I’d thought of that, and then, no it isn’t because ain’t no one left in America gives a fuck about no Puerto Rico no way no how. It ain’t even rate TV coverage. I’m just praying that my snarky, sarcasticky, profaney ass is wrong and that Joy-Ann Reid, god love her, is right.

And then the right-good Hispanic folks of New York City team up to give aide directly to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is hurting real bad y’all. They may not have electricity for six fucking months! In the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid in 2017. So, give.

“Unidos”: A Hurricane Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

A coalition of New York City civic leaders including Mayor Bill DeBlasio, U.S. Congress Members Nydia Velázquez and Adriano Espaillat, and New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito have joined the Hispanic Federation and its partnering community based organizations to launch “Unidos” (United), a hurricane relief fund to help those impacted by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

The fund will be managed by the Hispanic Federation, a leading Latino nonprofit organization with more than 25 years of experience in providing disaster-relief assistance to Latinos in the United States and Latin America. One hundred percent of the proceeds will help hurricane victims and the recovery efforts through fellow community and civic organizations in Puerto Rico.

Continue reading at hispanicfederation: Hispanic Federation: “Unidos”: A Hurricane Relief Fund for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

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