The G-7, the NK Summit, and the Narcissist: Disaster is Striking

So, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber threw a fit at the G-7 Summit called Justin Trudeau weak, revealed that he wanted Russia re-admitted, and threatened free trade. The whole world is in a tizzy! Now, he’s off to a summit meeting with Kim Jong-Un accompanied by Dennis Rodman, Sean Hannity, Seth Gorka, and John Bolton to negotiate something. Whatever they are going to be negotiating about is anyone’s guess. The whole world is in a tizzy! And, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber says he don’t need no stinking preparation cuz he has ‘tude, dammit! In the first minute he’ll know, he says, whether the talks will be productive. And, the whole world is in a tizzy!

A few weeks ago, we were in a tizzy about whether to call the bald-faced lies that pathological lying narcissist and his admin tell are actually lies because as Maggie Haberman put it, we don’t know what’s in his mind. A lie is an intent to deceive, and we don’t know if he is uniformed or mistaken or sloppy with facts or what! Heavens what is a reporter to do, amirite, Mags?

He’s a Motherfucking Narcissist

My answer to all of the tizzies we can has is the same: He’s a motherfucking narcissist! Stop with the hand-wringing and smell the shit oozing from between your toes. We done stepped in it. We elected a motherfucking narcissist!

The problem with the psychology-world saying we can’t diagnose without first examining him, and the apologists saying we can’t accuse without knowing the unknowable is that the truth is sitting there plain before your face!

He is a narcissist. The evidence available in the public record supports the diagnosis. The predictions you make with the diagnosis are accurate. He’s a bona fide died in the wool narcissistic personality disorder with touches of malignancy and executive dysfunction. Each one of those diagnostic strands will cause him to lie.

He’s a Pathological Liar

He lies without compunction. He lies without regret. He lies without shame. He lies without realziing it. He lies out of habit. The man just lies. He is a patholocial chronic habitual liar. Get the fuck over it.

Once you accept his diagnosis, you can begin dealing with him in the ways that are most likely to be productive. It really is that simple.

Let’s take the mishegas that is spewing like lava from Kilaeua recently. In a strange turn of events they both started at the beginning of May. Go figure. Anywho, what does knowing the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is an unproductive malignant narcissist do for us?

The Narcissistic Wound

The narcissistic wound occurs when the narcissist feels he is in danger of being exposed for the fraud that he is. The most important task for the narcissist is to present this perfect front to the world. Everything in the narcissist’s life is devoted to keeping the facade of perfection spit polished and gleaming. To pierce that hot-air filled caricature is to threaten the narcissist’s very existence.

The narcissist will fight like hell to maintain his facade. He will not tolerate anyone insulting him or making him look foolish or challenging him in any way. It is one of the reasons that narcissists have such poverty of detail when they talk about anything: I have the best people. It is the only thing he can say about his cabinet. If he never makes anything other than the most generic flaccid claim, then it cannot be challenged. Whatever reality turns out to be, it can be twisted to match his claim.

The narcissistic facade is one reason the narcissist will never accept blame for any mistake or error. It will always be somebody else’s fault: The system is rigged! The results of the election are illegitimate if I lose. All of that BS was because the narcissist cannot tolerate being held accountable for mistakes or shortcomings.

The narcissistic facade is one reason the narcissist lies incessantly. We all have failings somewhere in our lives both big and small on a daily basis. If the narcissist told the truth about reality, then that would be necessity have to include his own errors: The blacks love me. My polls are as high as Obama’s. And, that would tarnish the over-inflated bloated facade that he presents to the world.

The narcissistic facade is the reason that the narcissist fights with everyone. If he’s fighting, then he cannot be held accountable for the crap that happens. If you don’t want to do it my way, even though he keeps changing what his way is, then it isn’t his fault that the nothing happened and all we did was fight. It is why he is fighting with our allies over trade. It is why no new laws have passed.

The narcissist is an inherently destructive force. To preserve his facade, all else must be destroyed. The facade is unreal. It is a delusion. Eventually, reality will catch up to it and expose it for what it is. For the narcissist, if it is a choice between reality and the facade, well reality can go. If the rest of us are a challenge to the facade, then we can go.

Let me say this as clearly as possible: the Ol’ Pussy Grabber would gladly kill us all without  a second’s hesitation or second thought or a moment of remorse before, during, or after rather than allow his delusion of his perfect self be challenged.

He would gladly kill every single American. Literally.

He would gladly destroy the world. Literally.

Let’s list his narcissistic wounds:

  • President Obama gave him a shellacking during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Narcissistic wound. He has and will never forgive Obama for that public humiliation. This is the reason he ran. This is why he’s bent on undoing everything Obama did.
  • He didn’t win the popular vote. Narcissistic wound. He can’t let it go. He has to build up his electoral college victory into some super human feat to compensate. He will never be able to let go of his hatred of Clinton because of it. She will forever be an enemy. Lock her up, indeed!
  • The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion suggests that he didn’t win legitimately. Narcissistic wound. His perfect facade cannot tolerate the suggestion that he didn’t win because he was the better candidate.
  • Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize. Narcissistic wound. He has to be a greater president than Obama. That means doing things that Obama did not or could not. Thus, his summit with Kim Jong-Un. He’s willing to give away the farm — kill everyone of us, betray us all — just to get an agreement with Kim Jong-Un and win a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • He is sabotaging the G7 and our alliances because Obama was such a beloved figure by all of our allies. Narcissistic wound. Discovering that his Maybe Putin is whispering in his ear or dangling his kompromat over his head getting him to do this. Or maybe Putin did his homework like a KGB officer does and knew he would be an erratic tornado spinning out of control through the US government and alliances.

I cannot state the risk to the United States and the world any more plainly. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber will put his deluded version of himself before all else. He will destroy us just like he has destroyed everything and everyone else he’s ever come in contact with. We have to treat him that way.

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  1. It sounds like you have described a combination of a combined Hitler and Goebbles. Most tragically if we would ever go to war Herr Pussy Grabber would have us fight to the last man and the last bullet. Under him the world conflicts we are involved in will not be resolved or will we be able to withdraw.

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    • Howdy Jerry!

      The Ol’ Pussy Grabber might want us to fight to the last person and bullet for him, but that would take real loyalty, which no one has for him. Luckily, most generals and the officer corpse know their duty and will not follow orders so blindly. Unfortunately, lots more lives will be lost to death, injury, and ruin before this is all over.


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  2. The Trump-Kim situation is twofold. Trump and company will insist on De-Nuke First, then we’ll see how much we like you. Kim must insist on Peace Treaty First, then we can talk about whether I still need the Nukes to keep your hand away from your button. Kim can’t just take the “deal” Trump will offer and go home to face his generals. Even a Dear Leader can suffer a tragic accident or illness. He knows why his father pulled out of the Agreed Framework deal. The “Axis Of Evil” speech by W revealed to him that the real goal of the Americans was still regime change and the whole thing was negotiated in bad faith to that end. So, he got on with the work of getting the means to strike back if attacked. And now the son knows it is that, and that alone, which allows him to meet with an American President on his feet, not his knees.

    There’s another difficulty. Trump plays poker. Kim does not play poker. The high level game of China, Korea, and Japan is Go. Poker is for fast thinking, gut instinct, snap decision making people. Go is a long game, slow thinking, strategic, similar to chess (Putin’s game) in some ways, and is won by boxing in territory and capturing pieces by surrounding them. The Kim regime has been studying the game board with the US for 60 years. Trump thinks he will know whether the summit will accomplish anything in the first 5 seconds.

    Meanwhile virtually everybody else has understood that the way to deal with a tantruming 2 year old who is breaking up the furniture is to set firm limits and not let him get his way.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      I will write a post addressing the summit today and tomorrow, but I’ll preview some of it now. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber and his team cannot see the world from any perspective other than their own. They cannot see the world through NK eyes. They cannot relate to the world that Kim Jong-Un inhabits. If they did, they would begin to understand that he has used them to consolidate his position as head of government there. They would realize how shaky his hold on power has been until very very recently.

      By agreeing to the summit and making it happen, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has just cemented Kim Jong-Un’s hold on power there. He has achieved the dream that his great grandfather, grandfather, and father could not. He is now a world leader on par with the US. He had to borrow a Chinese plane to make the trip, but he’s there. And, he got there without giving up a thing. Nothing. He’s made no concessions. They destroyed their nuclear testing facilities? They were done with them. They were obsolete. They’ve achieved their immediate goals with developing their nuclear arsenal. To go further, they’ll need to upgrade those facilities. Destroying them was not a concession; it was window dressing.

      They’re signing a peace treaty with the South — not the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s doing. It will relax some of the tensions on the peninsula allowing them to free up some of their meager GDP to actually address their economic issues rather than funneling it all into the military first. It will allow them to apply some of their nuclear R and D to their conventional military. It will help drive a wedge between SK and the US, which the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has aided and abetted.

      With less of a threat from NK, SK won’t need the US military on the peninsula. A US withdrawal from the SK will only help the North.

      All of that was done before the summit. What does Kim Jong-Un need to get out of it? He isn’t going to give up his nukes without some major concessions from the US. But, he’s literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      What does the US have to gain? What concessions can we offer that will convince them to give up their nukes and maintain the status quo on the peninsula or come closer to reunification? What cards do we have to play? Reducing the sanctions? The Chinese and Russians are already helping make a mockery of the sanctions.

      The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s only play is to meet Kim Jong-Un, declare that the summit is untenable, and walk out. It is the only way he can maintain control over the narrative and get anything out of it.


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      • I would add that the NK team have been studying Trump, and consulting with others (President Moon, Chairman Xi, and Foreign Minister Lavrov) who have dealt with Trump who has made clear that he relies on first impression. They know that is the the key to the event. They know that he is hugely vulnerable to flattery. They know that in doing business with Trump the rules are: If you are selling him something, get cash up front, no checks, no IOUs, no promises. If you are buying something, pay cash on delivery, not up front. Violate these rules and he will screw you. That’s who he is, how he defines winning. And, after the debacle of the G7 meeting, he is desperate for something he can call a “win”.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          That’s just it, isn’t it? The intelligence agencies of each and every country have extensive files on the leaders and other important people there. They’ve studied the available record. And, if I can predict the Ol’ Pussy Grabber from my computer screen here in China with the limited information I have about him, they can predict him, too, with all of the information they can gather. They do have listening devices surrounding the White House, Mar-a-Lago, and every other Trump property and following him wherever he goes to listen in on his non-encrypted phone conversations, which I don’t have.

          Look at how the Chinese played him on his visit to China. He got his trademarks and Chinese investments, so maybe he doesn’t feel played. After all what’s good for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is good for America, right? Or not. Who cares, amirite, ya Ol’ Pussy Grabber?

          The one thing the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has done is he’s set up the goals so broadly and vaguely that anything would count as a win even walking out on the whole thing. My prediction is that he trumps up an excuse to bail with a lot of tough talk and business babble to cover his ass. Otherwise, it’ll end in the broad vague platitudes it began with.

          Either way, Kim Jong-Un will get everything he wanted out of the meeting. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber will emerged even more diminished.


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          • Well, broad vague platitudes is what we got, but Kim got Trump on record (for what that’s worth, and he knows how little that is) as in favor of peace, an end to the war. I think that clears the way for Kim and Moon to go ahead and say, “Hey, world, this is our war, we are both legitimate and sovereign and independent states, and we get to end it. We don’t need anybody to end it for us.” That would (I think, will, and soon) change the fundamental context of the American policy goal since the 38th Parallel line was drawn with the Soviet Union in liberating Korea from Japan, that by way of conquest, regime change, or regime collapse, the peninsula would be united by the South. If we listen to the likes of Bolton and Pompeo, that is still the plan. Trump has not quite thrown it away, but a peace treaty between NK and SK would undermine it critically.

            I keep thinking of this:

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
            Sun Tzu

            Trump does not really know either his adversaries or himself. Worse, the US has also known neither in all its wars and near-wars since the end of WW II. It simply has been too blinded by its own “exceptionalism” (national narcissism) to be able to see the world through the eyes of others, and unable to question its assumptions. Trump is the quintessential expression of that dysfunction, not its author.

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  3. I avoid the news more and more, because my heart and head are set to explode when I hear the words and ideas spewing like toxic lava. The news of alienation of ally nations at the summit frightens and embarrasses me so. And yet people—friends, family even—support him. It is too much for me to understand.

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    • Howdy Wendy!

      I have been avoiding the news for a month or more now. I find it very distressing and depressing. It is part of the gaslighter’s tactics. He wants us to be demoralized. He wants us to be depressed. In the past month I’ve realized a couple of things.

      The corollary to his willingness to destroy us all to maintain his fragile ego, is that the electorate cannot imagine the destruction of the US. We have never experienced a world without the US, so our point of departure is that the US will always be there exactly as we’ve experienced it. But, that is not true. After the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is done with us, he will either have turned the US into an empty shell of democracy covering an authoritarian corrupt grifting state sliding quickly into irrelevance or he will have ended the US in actual fact either through dissolution of the States or ceding control of our government to a hostile power.

      People simply cannot imagine that happening, so they don’t take the threat seriously.

      I’m afraid I probably have not bolstered your spirits very much. It is kind of like working with a seriously ill client. The client and her relatives are all in denial about the seriousness of the illness. Confronting that denial rarely is successful, so we have to work to ensure that the denial does not lead to harm befalling the client. Once the client and her relatives have developed the internal resources necessary to cope with the seriousness of the illness, then they will start taking it seriously and the denial will end.

      The US electorate is still very much in the denial phase. We are not reckoning with how much danger we are actually in. It is dawning on some of us, but we are not yet at critical mass. Our job right now is to just keep quietly pointing out the lies, the scandals, the violations of the Constitution, the cruelty of the policies, and let the masses begin to understand just how dire the situation is.



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