Helping Australians Recover from their Fires

If you’re like me, you’ve been appalled by the massive destruction wrought by the seemingly overwhelming number of fires in Australia. With headlines boast of towns burned to the ground, fire refugees trapped on beaches, tens of thousands evacuated, firenados — FIRENADOS for Chris’sake! How is that even fair? A half billion animals killed, the lovely koala’s very existence in the wild threatened. The list goes on and on.

It is a veritable apocalypse down under, and we ain’t talking about a bad case of scabies.

It makes you wonder how you can help other than throwing the keys to your car as far away as possible unless it is electric, then it is okay, and swearing to only take yachts when crossing oceans, and investing in solar panels and swearing off meat, keto be damned.

It makes you wonder why the Ol’ Pussy Grabber hasn’t offered the resources of the US to help with their fires like he did when Siberia was burning over the summer.

Well, I can’t help you with a vegan keto diet or hitching a ride on a yacht next time you want to visit Europe or even get the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to help with the Australian fires, but I can let you know how you can help the good folks and animals of Australia a little more directly.

The Aussie 7 News station has a list of links to charities that you can donate to if the images of half-burnt koalas drinking from water bottles and wallabies silhouetted against walls of flames and masses of people huddled on piers move you to generosity:

Brushfires in Australia: How You Can Help

They’ve got a link to the Australian Red Cross to help with human victims; a link to an outfit called WIRES to help with wildlife victims; and a link to the NSW Rural Fire Service, which is all volunteer as I understand it, if you want to help with the firies as they call them.

In addition they have links to food banks, the Salvation Army, and other fire services. There’s a charity for every heartstring that this catastrophe can tug at.

Image Attribution

The feature image was found using a Creative Commons Google Image search. It is a photo by Mark Morda sourced to the Government of South Australia. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International protocol.

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  1. What’s happening in Australia makes even the California fires look small – an ecosystem is dying, not the first (the Amazon) and not the last, due to Climate Change. We can help people and other critters try to weather the crisis, but the process won’t stop. Next year will probably be worse if there is anything left to burn.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      It amazes me that Australia, Brazil, and the US all have national leaders in place who deny climate change for their political benefit. Morrison took a real beating when he showed his face in public earlier this week. Hopefully, this is the last grasp of the regressive forces and we can still blunt some of the worst of climate change.


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      • Hopefully, but the interests reluctant to change their business models are still pretty well dug in. I think the most effective part of the business/financial system in turning the tide will be the insurance industry facing rapidly increasing and unsustainable losses. They can twist some very big arms.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          Good point. I remember back in Obama’s term after one of the really bad hurricanes, insurance companies complaining and raising their rates. The old adage still holds: people don’t change unless they’re in enough pain to change, and the quickest most severe pain you can inflict on a capitalist is to hurt his profits. Probably is the only way to get them to change their business model. Sad as that is.


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          • It is more true when, as in the case of things like sea level rise, the threat is not only to profits, but to invested and fixed capital like buildings and infrastructure. Indonesia is only the first, not the last nation to decide it must abandon its capital and build a new one due to flooding.

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