Call Your MoC about the War Powers Resolution for the Week of Sunday 26 January 2020

The War Powers Resolution is a joint resolution meaning that very similar versions are before both the House and Senate. They both could use your support to ensure that they pass and limit the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to recklessly get us into an ill-advised war to boost his re-election chances and distract from impeachment.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D – Va) reports that he has the votes for his War Power Resolution Act limiting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s ability to make unilateral war without approval from Congress as the Constitution provides for. He may believe it, but it doesn’t hurt to give him a bit of assist to shore up Repube resolve, amirite? After a brutal impeachment trial, the Repubes may be reluctant to cooperate with the Dems. They may need some encouragement.

Joint Resolution: Removing US Armed Forces from Hostilities with Iran

  • Summary of the Joint Resolution: This joint resolution directs the President to remove U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities against Iran unless explicitly authorized by a congressional declaration of war or a specific authorization for use of military force.
  • SJ Res 63 is the bill the Senate is considering.
    • Sponsor: Sen Tim Kaine (D – Va)
    • Status: Currently before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations where amendments are being considered.
    • Co-Sponsors: There are 33 co-sponsors, all Democratic or Independents. No Repubes are co-sponsoring the bill.
  • HJ Res 82 is the bill the House is considering.
    • Sponsor: Rep Ilhan Omar (R – MN, 5)
    • Status: Currently before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Contact your senators and urge them to support the bill but, especially, if they sit on the committee. Here are the members:

Majority Members (Repubes)

Chair: James Risch (Idaho); Marco Rubio (Florida), Cory Gardner (Colorado), Mitt Romney (Utah), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), John Barrasso (Wyoming), Rob Portman (Ohio), Rand Paul (Kentucky), Todd Young (Indiana), Ted Cruz (Texas), David Perdue (Georgia)

Minority Members (Dems)

Ranking Member: Bob Menendez (New Jersey), Ben Cardin (Maryland), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Christopher Coons (Deleware), Tom Udal (New Mexico), Chirs Murphy (Conneticut), Tim Kaine (Virginia), Edward Markey (Massachusetts), Cory Booker (New Jersey)

House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Contact your representative and urge them to support the bill, especially if they sit on the committee. Unfortunately, the website of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs didn’t list their states and districts after their names, you might mention this in your call, too. Damned inconvenient.

Majority Members (Dems)

Chair: Eliot Engel, Brad Sherman, Gregory Meeks, Albio Sires, Gerald Connolly, Ted Deutch, Karen Bass, William Keating, David Cicilline, Ami Bera, Joaquin Castro, Dina Titus, Adriano Espaillat, Ted Lieu, Susan Wild, Dean Phillips, Ilhan Omar, Colin Allred, Andy Levin, Abigail Spanberger, Chrissy Houlahan, Tom Malinowski, David Trone

Minority Members (Repubes)

Rank Member: Michael McCaul, Christopher Smith, Steve Chabot, Joe Wilson, Scott Perry, Ted Yoho, Adam Kinzinger, Lee Zeldin, Jim Sensenbrenner, Ann Wagner, Brian Mast, Francis Rooney, Brian Fitzpatrick, John Curtis, Ken Buck Ron Wright, Guy Reschenthaler, Tim Burchett, Greg Pence, Steve Watkins, Mike Guest


Calling or Writing

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [NAME OF PLACE].

I’m calling/writing today because I am very concerned about the Trump Administration’s apparent desire to start a war with Iran. I demand [MoC’s NAME] support [House: HJ Res 83 / Senate: SJ Res 63] and make it clear that Congress will not authorize another costly, deadly, and tragic war in the Middle East.

Thank you for your time and attention.

IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: Please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied.

Social Mediaing

@SOCIAL MEDIA TAG I demand you support [House: HJ Res 83 / Senate: SJ Res 63]! Congress cannot authorize another costly, deadly, and tragic war in the Middle East.

Tips for Calling

When you call your representative’s office, please remember the following:

  • Only contact YOUR MoC! They only listen to their constituents and dismiss requests from non-constituents.Ask for the aide working on the policy-related issues.
  • Be polite! No matter whose office you’re calling. No matter what their positions are. No matter how inflamed you are about the issue — and you should be very passionate — be polite.
  • Remember that the people you are talking to are people! So, be nice.
  • Call during business hours of the area code their office is in. Typically, that is 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Have a script or notes to follow so you don’t forget anything.
  • Maybe call with friends. You know like a party.

In Addition to Calling

I’ve heard back from readers that some MoC’s voice mail boxes are always full! It’s as if they don’t want to hear from their constituents. Kinda like those MoC’s who don’t hold town halls or other open forum meetings. Here are some other ways to contact your MoC:

  • Send a postcard to their office. Nothing says I care like kicking it old school and using snail mail.
  • Email their office. Lay out your concerns in a brief email and send it in. We all know how easy it is to email. Make sure you include the issue you are addressing in the subject line.
  • Use the contact page on their website. This is the surest way of getting a message to them. Each MoC has an official government website and each has a contact page that comes with it automatically.
  • Contact them using social media. It’s hard to break through all the noise on social media, but it can’t hurt to try given all the time we all spend using it. Be sure to tag your MoC’s when social mediaing about about a specific issue. Be clear and respectful, though, when addressing an issue that you want your MoC to act upon. Make sure you let them know you are a constituent.

Contacting Your MoC

Find out how to contact your MoC using these links!

  • Common Cause will give you the names, party affiliation, direct phone number, website link, and social media platforms of all of your federal, state, and local elected officials.
  • USA.gov is the official guide to information and services of the US government. This page explains clearly how to contact everyone from the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to your representative to specific government agencies. Through it you can find the following information about your MoC’s:
    • Their phone numbers: DC and state offices
    • Their mailing addresses both in DC and their state offices
    • Official website with their contact page including email, request a meeting, town hall schedules, and social media
    • And, the committees they sit on
  • 5 Calls: Sign-up for 5 Calls because they help you contact your member of Congress and keep you abreast of on going issues that are important to you! Now, that is a good deal.
  • The Capital Hill Switch Board: (202) 224-3121.
  • MassacreMitch and #MoscowMitch: His DC office, (202) 224-2541.
  • Nancy Pelosi: Her DC office, (202) 225-4965; her California office, (415) 556-4862
  • The Ol’ Pussy Grabber: The WH switchboard, (202) 456-1414 or the comments line at (202) 456-1111 during business hours

Join Indivisible

Follow the link to Indivisible to find a group near you, their campaigns, events in your neighborhood, and download their handy-dandy booklet!

Image Attribution

The featured image was found using a Creative Commons search. It was posted on the National Guard website. It was taken by PO Patrick Kelley, U.S. Coast Guard. This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release.

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  1. Once a legislature gives away a power or authority, clawing it back from the enabled executive able to manipulate or intensify any crisis that appears to justify it becomes very difficult. Still, the effort is necessary.

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    • Howdy Bob!
      Congress has been giving its power away to the Executive for the past fifty years or so. It’s about time Congress has acted to take some of it back. Maybe that will be the ultimate outcome from Trump: a more engaged electorate and a more balanced government.


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