Get Out The Vote

Get Your vote On, 2020, With VOTE411

The League of Women Voters Education Fund created a clearinghouse of voter information covering all 50 states. You should visit the website, to get your vote on. Their tagline: Election information you need. Brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund.

Election information you need. Brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund.

Given that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, #MoscowMitch, the GOP, and Russia are fixing to steal the election right out from under us, we need a website like this. You got exactly zero excuses after this. None. Now get out there and get your vote on!

We know the GOP game plan:

  • Gerrymandering to their advantage
  • Suppressing the vote through intimidation and misinformation
  • Disenfranchising the vote through voter role purges
  • Disinformation campaigns to sow confusion, frustration, and consternation
  • Hacking voter roles and voting machines

The good folks at the League of Women Voters, who have been working behind the scenes to empower voters and to keep our elections free and fair for a hundred years or so, have flown largely under the radar in this era of social media influencing, memes, and trolling. But, this year, they have put on their super-heroine capes and are swooping in to defend democracy like never before. They are lending YOU a helping hand to make sure YOU vote in November. So, get your vote on!

Take advantage of it. Visit the VOTE411 website, so you can (a) register to vote, (b) make sure you haven’t been purged, and (c) find out what the issues are.

They will also keep you up-to-date with COVFEFEVIRUS ALERTS!

This is cool: personalized voting information! They’ll email you the items that will appear on your ballot, help you find your polling place, find the debates in your area, and so much more!

You can look up voting information in your state and any other state you may be curious about, I don’t know why, because maybe you have a friend their with questions or something.

They have special help for the first time voter in your life. If that person lives out of state, you could look up information for them and be that kind of friend, aunt, or acquaintance.

And, my personal favorite, they have lines to report voting problems to, and, gawd, the GOP is going to make problems at the polling places. And look at all those languages! Spanish, Arabic! Who offers help in Arabic? And MULTIPLE Asian languages?!? What? Man, these ladies want YOU to vote.

Now you have exactly zero excuses not to vote. The League of Women Voters will personally kick your ass if you fail to vote and they are giving you all the tools you need to do it; other than the intestinal fortitude that we are all going to need to slog through the waste deep shit that the GOP is going to put us through.

Image Attribution

I grabbed the header image off of the VOTE411 website.

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