Whaz Up! Monday 14 June 2021

The astute reader probably has noticed the Whaz Up! section in the left-hand column of the page. I guess the very astute reader and those of us just having read this just realized that it ain’t no longer there! That’s right. I removed it because I realized that ain’t no one really read it but me and my late mama and the neither one of us comment on it.

I started it as a way of letting y’all know what was going on with the blog, especially if I was having trouble posting, which I sometimes do. However, I just now realized that most of my readers are now coming at me from the email list! That’s right, the dozen people who signed up for the email mailing list thingee actually come visit when a post comes up. You can too, just by entering your email in this handy-dandy form:

So, to make this thingee more comfortable, I thought I’d start writing a semi-regular column on Monday’s letting folks know, whaz up! Since I don’t know what the kids are saying nowadays — eew, now I feel all cheugy! If you know, you might could do us a favor by putting something in the comments

Whaz Up!

Well, I’ve been posting more since La Petite Fille has turned in her last exam, assignment, and project of the school year. It was touch and go there for a moment meaning if it went on much longer one of us was going to die. This home schooling thing is for the birds, especially when you’re dealing with pathological demand avoidance. Now that that is done, I can focus more on the blog again, and, hopefully, knock on something resembling wood, start writing more frequently on more timely topics and issues.

Lately we’ve been focused on legislation and ending the filibuster since our democracy is on the line, and we could very easily find ourselves living in a Republican Dystopian minority-rule single-party pseudo-democratic authoritarian autocracy. It seems important even though they are the least read posts that I do.

Cambodian #COVID19 Report

Many people may realize that Cambodia has been suffering from a seemingly uncontrollable #COVID19 outbreak since 20 February. After spending the first year of #COVID19 with fewer than four hundred infections and no deaths, since February, we’ve ballooned to 38,969 infections and 348 deaths all because an international prostitute with the British variant broke quarantine. Great.

Well, after peaking at just under a 1,000 infections a day, we seem to be on the decline, again. Today, the one week running average is down by 14%. We seem to be averaging around 500 infections a day. Although, there is continuing talk of putting parts of Phnom Penh back into lockdown.

The strategy of vaccinating their way out of the outbreak may or may not be working. We now have the Indian-British variant in town. They’ve got many people in the old Phnom Penh hotspots vaccinated and are working on the province that surrounds the city. China is being very supportive and supplying lots of its vaccine.

I’m afraid this is what the developing world is going to look like. #COVID19 will just drive the haves and have nots further apart.

That’s this week, y’all!

Get vaccinated!

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