Whaz Up!?! Free the Wife and Free the Bears!

Howdy y’all!

ICYMI: This Week’s Posts

Ye Olde Blogge has been exploring the demise of our democracy. Our first post looks at just how burned out we all are.

The second post this week was about the changes that will take place should the #GOPDystopia actually come to be.

Another eventful week at Ye Olde Blogge has drawn to a close. There’s plenty to discuss and share and I do hope to hear about your week in the comments. Here’s some of what I remember happening this week:

  • SAINT FRANCIS DE SALES. I can’t believe that the patron saint of blogging’s holy day came and went without being acknowledged on Ye Olde Blogge. Oh well. Maybe next year. Anywho, for those keeping track at home it is on 24 January.
  • QUARANTINE. Ma Belle Femme’s quarantine ended unceremoniously on Friday with a negative rapid #COVID19 test. We spent an uncomfortable week isolating in rooms of the house and wearing masks when we had to be out and about in the house together. And alternating turns eating at the table. Our annoyance wasn’t helped when Zooming with students who we knew HAD #COVID19, family members were observed wandering the background maskless. Let’s hope their tests come out negative, too.
  • EXPERIENCE WEEK. I can’t get over how much fun experience week was. Because of #COVID19, we had to do it all in and around Phnom Penh, but everything went off flawlessly. No bus was missing or late. All of the events were enjoyable and educational. On a personal note, I got to do it all with La Petite Fille. If I can organize the pictures in time, I’ll add a few. Great fun. Exhausting, but fun. Week Without Wall is one of the best parts of being a teacher.

Week’s Reading

Animal Stories

By now everyone probably realizes that Ye Olde Blogge is a sucker for animal stories. Here’s a couple including one from a newly discovered blog!!!

  • DESCENDED FROM WOLVES. Apparently, there are genes that govern the size that a species can be, and it was a mutation to one of these genes that facilitated the evolution of modern domestic dogs from wolves. #ScienceFact: dogs have the greatest variation in size of any species on the planet.
  • CAT VS DOG WARS. A new front in the ongoing cat vs. dog wars has opened up. Most of us assume that animals would prefer to eat the low-hanging fruit before getting to the food that they’d have to work for, but we’d be wrong. Unless you’re talking about cats. Cats are freeloaders; they eat the easy food first. Most animals, including dogs, are contrafreeloaders, they prefer to earn their food. Go figure. (Companion Animal Psychology)

From the Bloggosphere

  • MITIGATION seems to be all the rage these days. We’re mitigating the pandemic, the damage to our democracy, and Tally is mitigating the damage of falling off of her eating routine diet thing. Knowing that it is not all or nothing — The What the Hell Effect — is encouraging to those of us also working on maintaining lifestyle changes. (Chatty Introvert)
  • 5G CONSPIRACIES are real? Using electronic devices really can take your flight out of the sky. Admittedly, I’ve been too busy to follow the 5G and imperiled airlines story very closely, so I was grateful for this rundown with the India angle thrown in as a bonus. (Insightful Geopolitics)
  • NORMALIZING MENTAL HEALTH is something that we can all contribute to. Deanna reminds us that it is much better to address mental health issues head on and straighforwardly because, how did she put it? pretending depression doesn’t exist won’t make it go away. (Cynical Mother)
  • THE BEAUTY OF SNOW is Usfman‘s topic of his post bring a little joy of the white stuff to those of us locked in the tropics where there is only two seasons rainy and hot and dry and hot. I love the suggestion to surf the EarthCam Network for places experiencing snow to get your fix in. (Snippets of a Traveling Mind)
  • GRATITUDE is one of our most important emotions. We need to be reminded that there is far more in our life to be grateful for than there is to bitch about. (Introvert Awakenings)
  • BRUISE WILLIS gets his introduction to the world complete with shaggy dog story, pictures, and gifs. Well worth the visit just for the gratitude you might feel for it not happening to you! (Mrs. Completely)

Ye Olde Blogge’s Friends

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Image Attribution

That’s my photo of the sun bear eating snacks that we prepared. You can use that photo if you like. Really. He’s cute, right?

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    • Thanks for letting me know and giving the link. I’ve tried to get the posts on your blog to open to their individual posts like that so I can copy and paste the link, but they don’t do it from the title on the home page. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, then.


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      • The way to do that is to click on the posting time (“12:19 AM” or whatever) at the end of the post. Or right-click it and choose “open in a new tab” if you prefer to do it that way. My blog’s functionality is pretty basic.


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        • Howdy Infidel,

          Once you clued me in on it being available, I started searching the other clickable links that were on the posts. I was able to get to it this week.



    • Howdy Ten!

      Much better to be visiting someone who gets a lot of snow so anything you do in or with the snow is strictly optional.

      Someone’s gotta yell at the clouds. Lord knows the kids today won’t do it.



    • Howdy Bob!

      There’s a reason that Marx identified religion as the opiate of the masses in the 19th century and McLuhan identified mass media in the 20th and now we have social media in the 21st. It is all to retrain and pacify us as we endure the frustrations of life. It is all to give us something to work towards and a false sense of achievement, to activate our reward system just often enough.

      If I had more time, and we had more time to prepare to defend our democracy, I’d do a deep dive into the research into cat and dog cognition. Dogs really do love us. I recall an fMRI based study that identified the same pattern in a dog’s brain when they see their family as is in a human being when we see ours. Cats recognize their owners, but it isn’t the same areas activating. The recently published study identifying attachment patterns in cats doesn’t demonstrate love or emotion but personality.

      I find the whole thing fascinating. I’d love to have the time to work up a review of the research findings. Maybe this summer.


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