Whaz Up!?! School’s Out for Summer!

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a while since I write this weekly post. Sometimes mental health catches up with you. No more teaching, No more excuses. No more students, and their abuses. Because school’s out for summer!

And, Ye Olde Blogge is relocating to Gay Paris! We fly out today! TODAY!

Also, I’m not bringing a computer. I only have the school issued computer and I’m loathe to bring it since I’d be liable for it if it were lost, damaged, or stolen. I’ll bring my Kindle Fire and get a keyboard for it when I’m there. We’ll see how that works.

I have never anticipated the ending of a school year more feverently than I did this one. Usually, I am so focused on getting through the remaining curriculum and grading and comments and the stuff that shoulda been done yesterday but won’t get done until next year and oops, well I guess that’s now moot, that I can’t even begin to think about summer until, literally, the last week of school when you’re just trying to keep ’em busy and occupied since all of the grades are in.

This year, though, it was different. This was the interminable year. Well, it finally terminabled. Usually, you reach significant milestones and the year seems to rush on to the next one and before you know it, it is done. Not this year. Each milestone came up like a millstone. Worse, it wasn’t over. No one, not teachers, not students, no one wanted to be there doing anything for the last two months? Maybe longer. Interminable.

At least, here in Cambodia, knock on something resembling wood, #COVID19 seems to be waning. As far as I know, masks are still required indoors, but many are not, and no one is taking temperatures and requesting your vaccination card at entry any more. The news isn’t reporting daily infections or hospitalizations or active cases. That stopped after a couple of weeks of no hospitalizations and no more active cases. People still get #COVID19 here, but no one has severe symptoms. Thanks vaccines.

Maybe next year, we won’t be wearing masks in the classroom, going on distance learning every other month, or keeping students in bubbles. See what over 90% vaccination rate can do for you?

There’s all kinds of interesting stuff being written all over the Interwebs these days because of the very interesting times we live in. Unfortunately, none of it will be curated by me here today.

So, until next I post


Image Attribution

Montmartre” by Di Chap is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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  1. Excellent – I’m so glad you’re getting some cafe time in Paris. Woo hoo and ooh la la. I’ll look forward to your Paris Reports.

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