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I’m Tired of Performing Trauma: Five Cartoonists on #MeToo – by The Response

Everyday seems to arrive with a new accusation of sexual assault against some prominent man somewhere. How should we respond? Another hashtag? What happens after the news fades from our immediate awareness? What have we really accomplished? Five cartoonists address the issue…

The New Black Bart Poetry Society

"for those who think poetry is still a crime"


A journey into the labyrinth of my sceptical mind.

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Finding New Energy To Experience Life More Fully

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Believing is Achieving


My journey on the Path less traveled. Introverted survivor of childhood abuse using writing to “Bring on the thriving!” A little lopsided sometimes, stubborn, but smart enough to know it’s time to truly heal! 🙏🏻❤️


thoughts about parenting and life from below the surface

Cancer Bus

Living with metastatic breast cancer one word at a time.


As I see it.

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Happiness. It's relative.