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Mad Props for Branding & Blogging

The Brag

I just gotta brag here. I’ve just blown my stats outta the water!


My goals for the blog at the beginning of the course was to

  • Increase views & visitors to a minimum of ten views and five (visitors) per day by August 2016.
  • Find sites to pimp my blog by the end of June 2016 (in order to maintain a steady stream of visitors and views).
  • World Domination
  • Win the Nobel Prize for Blogging

Branding & Growth

There were three days of the Blogging: Branding & Growth course.

Day 4: Analyzing Your Stats

  • Looking at the posts that got the most hits told me several things:
  • The posts that I pimped in some form or fashion, got the most hits.
  • Posts that were timely and linked to an event in the news. The posts that were time-sensitive but weren’t timely didn’t do as well. And posts that addressed issues in general but weren’t about an item in the news, didn’t do as well.
  • Posts about psychopaths, Bernie Sanders, and Internet trolls did well.


The Death of a Toddler & Psychopathic Behavior



Sanders & Minority Influence



The Cost of Quitting for Bernie Sanders



Trolls from the Dark Side

Day 6: Explore a Social Network

  • I had started out pimping my blog on a favorite website’s comments. I was inspired by Wonkette and wanted to contribute to the community. I still make references to my blog posts in the comments but have to obliquely refer to my profile page where the link to the blog is.
  • When thinking about using a social network, I chose Facebook by default. It was the only one I used and understood. But, I joined several pages that share my interests, and posted links to the blog in my comments as they applied.
  • I started posting links and announcements in the Blogging Community Chat

Day 7: Commenting to Attract Followers

  • I started making a concerted effort of using the Reader and especially using the tag feature to find blogs similar to mine.
  • I then started reading and commenting on blog posts.
  • I’ve been a bit shameless about inviting people to read specific blog posts, but there you are.


  • I really am very grateful to the WordPress team who organized the courses. For a procrastinator like me, structure helps. And, the different topics have been very helpful.
  • I am very grateful to those who have read my blog. I am amazed by the number of countries and continents — all except Antarctica, but I’ll get there eventually — where visitors have come from.
  • I am very humbled by all who have commented. There is no praise more gratifying than someone taking the time to read what I’ve written and be moved to comment.

Thank you.

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    • I found it a really useful way to structure my thinking about the blog, what I was trying to do, and how I would do it. It was relatively easy. Glad you’re doing it. I’ll look for your posts.


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  1. Have you thought about doing some travel posts? Your pictures are wonderful and you have a very distinct voice. I am willing to bet you could enthrall us all with stories from your travels. I personally LOVE to read good travel writing. Paul Theroux is one of my heroes. And it might help your numbers even more! But if you want to stick to snarky smart commentary I understand too. And I get it with the numbers….I just love looking at mine and seeing that three people from the Ukraine stopped by my humble little blog and so on. I am very easily amused.

    Keep writing Jack…we need your voice.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion. I used to write a blog for family and far flung relations just to keep all of us up-to-date, but, honestly, it was a chore. Psychology and its applications have become my passion.

      I love Paul Theroux, too, especially “Dark Star Safari” and “Riding the Iron Rooster.” Very inspirational.


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      • I understand. I guess we will have to settle for any captivating photos you choose to share our way.

        It’s been years since I read “Riding the Iron Rooster” and I can still close my eyes and picture myself on that train. The best writing lingers with us like that.


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  2. Hello! Is it the Blogging 201 course that you are referring to? I signed up for that and have it all in my inbox but am ashamed to say I haven’t had a chance to look at any of it… But it looks like it worked for you so maybe I should find the time!

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    • Yeah that’s the one. I didn’t think it would amount to much, to tell you the truth, but in the end it got me organized and structured and focused. If I can grow the blog to be big enough, I’d like to either make some money off of it or sell articles to bigger websites. To do that, I figured I needed a wider readership than twenty or so people a day. Anywho. I’ll look for you on the reader and see how it works for you!



        • I’m sorry to have taken so long to respond. We moved house and, you know, life.

          One of the things that I love about my blog is that it is an expression of my passion. I used to have a family blog to communicate with and update the family and friends since we live abroad. But, there were times, I’m embarrassed to say, that it was a chore. Now, I’m inspired and writing fluidly. I can see the possibilities in pushing the blog farther.


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  3. I’m not at all sure what “pimping out your blog” means. But if it fills a slot for you, pimp away. I do understand visiting other blogs however. I “blog hop” almost everyday. Even though some more seasoned bloggers encourage newbies to join Twitter, and Pinterest, and other social media outlets, which they promise to net mega traffic, I’ve believe WordPress with its thousands of bloggers is the best place to build your followers. If you have future plans to say, monetize your blog, then setting up Twitter and Pinterest is probably thinking ahead. Otherwise, we are on a great platform. One thing I like to do is keep up with the followers I do have. Too many and you’ll have your work cut out for you. [Pace pace]. Besides, the blogs here of all types are pretty darn interesting. Just me, not you I know, but I thought I’d throw a few mentions you way. Highest and Best!

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    • Since starting to blog, I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world. And it is better than FB and other forums! I feel more connected and better informed since I’ve made good use of my reader. But, it can be full time. Good thing school’s out!

      Thank you so much for the kind words and the mentions. It is a great community of folks.


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  4. Congrats CalicoJack, sometimes the “numbers” hurt and sometimes they make one happy. I’m enjoying your posts as much as you do mine. Nothing wrong with a mutual admiration society.

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