The Absolute Worst Challenge!

I am going to do something new for this blog and myself. I am going to offer a challenge or event or something. Last week was a horrific week. Even more horrific than the week previous. Hopefully not less horrific than this week. So far, so good. Knock on wood.

But, in writing my post about the events, I had several ideas that I became very very curious about how others were doing with them.

The Challenge, Part A

There were two devastating attacks on American soil in the past month:

  • On 12 June 2016, a gunman shot and killed 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida
  • On 7 July 2016, a gunman shot and killed five police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas
  • The challenge: Write a blog post about how you reacted to those two events? Do you remember you felt when you first learned of these two shootings? How have those shootings changed you?

The Challenge, Part B

The reaction that people tend to have to the strong negative emotional response is to focus on the WORST POSSIBLE consequences. The more I thought about it, though, the more I wondered what those possibilities were. Perhaps it is a lack of my own imagination, but I came up with nothing.

  • The challenge: Continue your blog post to include your worst fears about our immediate and long term future as a result of these two massacres.

The Details

  • The Tag: Use the tag gunman so that we can identify them in the Reader.
  • The Duration: The challenge will end on Tuesday 19 July 2016

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  1. Well CJ, Tubularsock would sum up this with “We (our country as well) get back what we put out.”
    We terrorizer the world and then we act surprised and fearful when it happens to us. Now THAT is some crazy shit!

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    • Well, that is some craziness on our part. After all, what do we call people who aren’t dealing with reality? But, I was hoping for something a little more personal. What do you imagine would be the worst consequence of the police shooting and the Orlando massacre?


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      • That we’ll all keep living in the gun laden police state that we live in. The great thing about Americans is that we get distracted so easily with our next new cell phone to actually realize that that cheese at the end of the maze isn’t real!

        For Tubularsock it is so outrageous to see Obama and Bush speaking in Dallas about killing!
        Two world murderers lecturing the public about coming together while these two war criminals
        are still walking the streets. Makes one kind of wonder if Johnson just assassinated the wrong people!

        And the great thing is we all get the same shit when Hillary is President.

        The American Lie, continues!

        DAMN! Now where is Tubularsock’s AK47 when he needs it!


      • Well Tubularsock always votes his conscience which only leaves the Green Party. Trump and Clinton are cut from the same corporate trough that only cater to self interest. It is really sad that Americans only ever get to hear from only two sides of any position. In a REAL democratic system the channels would be open to ALL parties to give their message. But that will never be in this country.

        And Bernie thinks the Democratic Platform has any meaning ….. He is dumber than Tubularsock thought!

        And as for violence: Only desperate people respond violently. Happy People Don’t Kill Other People. And when a society is trained to believe that fulfillment can be gained from the outside of oneself rather from the inside of oneself, THAT society is a sick society where violence becomes an answer.


        • I would agree with your assessment of democracy. A parliamentary democracy promotes multiple parties. The current version of our Republican Party would be a small fringe party leaving room for a center right party. The Democrats would be a center left party. And their would be a small progressive party as well.

          While I know you were being factitious, I’m not the one talking about arming myself and assassinating the president.


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