Hope Versus Fear

As loyal readers — I’m looking at you mom! — know, I’m a political junkie. I follow the news and politics of the US year in and year out. I follow the politics and news of each and every country I’ve lived in.

Every four years, American politics get real interesting and all consuming because of the presidential elections. This year’s election, though, has been one of the most entertaining and riveting of my life time.

Contrasting the conventions and the candidates and the platforms and their messages has kept me busy! I won’t post a speech or slogan of Trump’s because to expose your mind to them is to begin that process of becoming habituated to his hate and manipulated by his demagoguery.

Watching the Republican convention was to witness an orgy of hate, vitriol, lies, and madness of Caligulan proportions. It was nauseating in its self indulgence and vile, poisonous rhetoric.

Compare that to the first day of the Democratic convention where in spite of the protests and booing, the message was hope and focused on the issues.

Without the snark, the sarcasm, or profanity of my usual posts, I give you First Lady, Michelle Obama’s and Senator Bernie Sander’s speeches. I have rarely been moved as I was by Michelle Obama’s speech. It moved me to tears several times. It made me want to be a better person.

Bernie Sanders is one of the most oddly charismatic speakers of our time. The man exudes sincerity. He never fails to move me and make me believe that we can live by our high ideals.

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