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The Gaslighting of America… Continues!

And the gaslighting of America continues! And continues. And continues. And continues. On ad infinitum ad nauseam.ย  Throughout his campaign Trump lied continuously causing several reporters to go mad as they tried to document every lie he told. Even more gaslighty — because what abusive hack can’t just tell lies big and small? — he would accuse his opponents of whatever he was being criticized for. Bringing us the most brilliant campaign moment in the history of the Republic:

No puppet. No puppet… You’re the puppet.

— Donald Trump at the third presidential debate

And Jesus wept.

So what new outrages have Trump and his band of gassy gaslighters foisted on the country this week?

The Steve Bannon Myth

My personal favorite has been listening to all the Trump surrogates claiming that Steve Bannon isn’t such a bad guy, once you get to know him. He’s really a soft-spoken fellow who never threatened one the BioDome 2 residents that he would cram her safety concerns down her fucking neck if she didn’t shut up. That sounds real soft-spoken. Another, was the claim that the left just makes up things like the alt-right (the term, not the movement, which doesn’t really exist according) because they love divisiveness. Even though Bannon has been quoted as wanting to make Breitbart the community center for the alt-right so no alt-righter will ever have to spend the night alone again or say he’s sorry. And, then there was the fellow telling that nice Hallie Jackson on MSNBC that Bannon is no more responsible for the headlines at Breitbart than Jackson is for the headlines at MSNBC. Jackson was too nice to laugh in his face and point out that Bannon was the head banana over at Breitbart and controlled editorial direction.

That alone is enough to make you want to gargle with crushed glass and bamboo slivers, but the hit list just keeps getting longer. And, when I say hit list, I don’t mean favorites, I mean body fucking blows like Rocky Balboa took in that first Rocky movie.

The Transition Team

If you’re looking for a good gaslighting move, you need look no farther than the farcical Trump transition team. After unceremoniously dumping Christie from the team, Pence, the new appointee in a sign of things to come, couldn’t sign the non-disclosure agreement that is required by law until well after the Obama administration went public with the news. Of course, Christie had already signed one, but it was null and void after his ouster. Pence finally got around to it and sent it over. Hold on to your ass here, it was the same document as Christie’s, but Christie’s signature had been whited out and Pence had signed over it only he was in such a hurry, he didn’t let the white out dry and now the ink is smeared and mixed with the white. Don’t you hate that.

What else has the transition team indicated that the Trump presidency will be like. Oh, they don’t return phone calls from the Department of Defense! Ha. They’ll get around to it.They’ve also been kept very busy not contacting Departments of Justice,Transportation, and Energy, for example. You know the Department of Energy that looks after the nuclear arsenal and all. You know that one. They even had a scheduled meeting with the DOE, but pulled a no show. Trump doesn’t need no stinking federal agencies to make America great again! He’s unconventional! He does things his own way! Look, he won, didn’t he?

All the BEST People

They stood the Obama White House up on the follow up meeting to the meeting where the infamous handshake took place. At the infamous meeting, Kushner asked how many of the White House staff would remain after the transition like he never watched West Wing nor nothing. They asked for security clearance for the Trump triplets as informal unpaid national security advisors.

And, they are asking Obama staffers to recommend Republicans to fill their roles because either they don’t know how to find them themselves, or no Republicans really want to work in the orange toilet that the Trump White House is sure to become.

So much for getting all of the best people.

The Ultimate Gaslighting

There is a litany of others: he’s deporting two to three million criminal undocumented immigrants even though there aren’t that many. I guess that’s a goal he can reach, then because he simply claim the absence of criminal element is due to his massive deportations.

Then there is the blind nudge nudge wink wink whiz whiz trust that the triplets are going to run for him after getting an eye full of all the national intel from their temporary informal role of national security advisors. Is that not the ultimate in gaslighting fucking bullshit? Well no, no it’s not, because this is:

The @nytimes states today that DJT believes โ€œmore countries should acquire nuclear weapons.โ€ How dishonest are they. I never said this!

โ€” Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 13, 2016

How the fuck did we end up here? Oh, yeah. I remember, we’re the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid pardon me while I lie down… on a bed of fire ants.


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  1. Some other questionable Trump precedents include the uncertainty about whether he will actually live in the White House , the continued use of the Trump plane for governmental use and his resumption of Twitter use as a ranting medium for his narrow minded views. What a joke!!

    Liked by 2 people

      • Even Nixon would be preferably to ‘Agent Orange’ IMHO – and boy am I shaking my head to believe that I am even thinking that – much less putting it on the internet where it will live forever. We have less evidence that Pence has BOTH feet over the crazy line – unlike his boss, maybe only one? Thanks for reposting links to this triad, btw, or I would have missed them, only recently finding your blog when you commented on mine.
        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
        ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
        “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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        • Howdy Madelyn!

          Isn’t it funny that we are longing for W or Tricky Dick? Who could’ve predicted that we could have someone so stupid and so dishonest that W and Nixon would seem preferable by comparison. It is quite a feat. However, a President Pence would be far worse because Pence can be effective. The one thing that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has going for him is his chaos and contrarian nature. The only thing he can do is fight. He doesn’t have any other skill. He relies on chaos to cover his incompetence and confuse anyone who is trying to stop him. It will be difficult, but until the Senate is retaken by the Dems in 2018, we don’t want a President Pence.


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