Meme: Pay Trump all the Grift

According to President Pussy-Grabber, When you’re president, you can have all the conflicts you want. And, The law is totally on my side. In other words, fuck your appearance of corruption or impropriety! In fact, it’s just Fuck all y’all! I’m president, motherfuckers, so suck it. That’s our guy. That’s our pussy-grabber. He’s our president, now.


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    • Howdy Usfman!

      Right now, I think their knee-jerk — emphasis on the jerk — partisan reaction is that it is good. They are for it.

      The other thing that is at play here is that no one can imagine the world without the US as the super power. It is beyond their ability to picture a nuclear holocaust just like we cannot picture ourselves in a terrible car accident or the world with us in it.



    • Howdy Usfman!

      The astonishing thing is the blatant dishonesty and deceit. It just shows that it is the partisan politics of us against them that is important here and nothing else.



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