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A Quickie: Iwanka & the Navy Seal Widow

There was so much cringe-worthy material when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber continued his gaslighting of America on Tuesday night that it is nearly impossible to document it all in a part-time blog like this one. I mean, I gotta work, too, ya know? Sometime. Honest boss, this is work. Honest. It’s making all y’all lots and lots o’ green.

One of the cringe-worthiest moments came when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber turned our attention to the Navy Seal’s widow in the audience and tried to milk her grief for all he could.

The poor woman.

Bless her heart.

Who knows whether she knew she’d be made into the center of attention like that when she agreed to attend? Who knows whether it was helpful or hurtful to her to have the entire world watch her grief her husband? I guess she knows. I guess, it could go either way. Still, who doesn’t stand and applaud the widow of a Navy Seal in that moment — and Senator Rubio (R-Dickless) doesn’t  know Shinola! Shame on him for trying to politicize that moment by claiming many people weren’t standing and applauding and implying that those many were Democrats?

Still, did anyone else in that uncomfortable moment of personal grief loosed upon us notice that Iwanka was standing next to her? And, did anyone else think that it would be nice and even right if Iwanka reached over and, I dunno, patted her on the shoulder? Put an arm around her? Said something? Did something other than stand there watching her like some kinda North Korean tourist minder making sure that the grieving widow grieved right for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s shining moment of presidenting good? I guess the turd don’t fall far from the ass, hunh? Because all she could do is clap and stand and gawk. Probably the first time she’s seen another human being emote in anything that comes close to genuine emotion — is that too crass? Probably not. I mean the Ol’ Pussy Grabber passed the buck to President Obama and his generals and anywhere else but to himself when he introduced the entire shameful episode. So, why would anyone expect Iwanka to possess the basic human decency of how one person treats another in emotional need?

Her mother — I assume that the woman to the right of the widow is the widow’s mother –eventually reached over and gave her a side hug. I’m sure other people in the hall were crying. I would’ve been had I been there. Hell, I damn near cried watching it as a rerun. It was a damned moving moment. You think Iwanka could at least pretend to wipe a tear for the camera? If not genuinely emotional, the family at least knows how to moon for the camera.

Does the whole family consist of self-absorbed demons from the fiery furnace of Grandpa Pussy Grabber’s original narcissistic gaslighting abuse? Are they basically automatons switching on only when they sense their own narrow self interests are being serviced?

By the end of the entire sorry episode in a sorry speech in a sorry administration, I was a little nauseated by the treatment of this poor woman’s grief. I’m glad disgust isn’t a fatal condition; otherwise most of the country would be dead by now.

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  1. As far as Ivanka’s reaction, all of his children are, basically, robotic. I’ve seen this in abusive homes. Don’t do anything, ANYTHING to draw attention to yourself. I’m sure living with a mentally ill, self absorbed parent must be terrifying as a child. But most people are lucky enough to be able to grow up and move on. These kids are trapped forever in the hopes of inheriting. Me, I’d rather sleep on a park bench than keep that man in my emotional orbit, but that’s just me.

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    • It’s interesting that you bring up the choices the children have. The Ol’ PG’s older brother, who was alcoholic, rejected his father and insisted on being a pilot even though it meant being disowned and the Ol’ PG rejecting any effort to help his sick son with the family’s medical insurance after his brother died.

      The Ol’ PG’s father was as bad as the Ol’ PG is and has set the entire thing in motion.

      It almost makes you feel sorry for the children, but not really. They have all the resources they need to recover and take control of their lives, but choose — at some level — not to.

      Good thought. And good insight.


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  2. Nauseated is an appropriate way to describe the exploitation of this poor woman’s grief . My mouth was literally agape watching this shocking display, which left me feeling a combination of revulsion and sorrow. I too noticed Ivanka’s awkward reaction. It showed a lack of genuine sympathy and an almost sly look of satisfaction on her face that their stunt had succeeded in gaining sympathy to make her father look likable. It was obscene.

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    • YES! I’ve looked at several pictures from several angles. She and Jared almost seem to be smirking. I look at others around her and you can see the empathy and sorrow and pride in their faces, but Ivanka and Jared are like smirking and smug.


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