Behavior Economics

Quickie: Fox News Illusory Explanations Entrap Conservative White Voters

Fox News published this graphic to evaluate the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s first hunnert days cuz he ain’t got nothin’ but lies to his credit. In addition to being one of the more outrageous and hutzpahful erroneous claims ever made, it illustrates illusory explanation perfectly.


So, what’s wrong with this picture? At first blush it looks like Dems are terrible presidents and the Repubes are GREAT! The Repubes have driven unemployment down as soon as they get into office! This is the illusory explanation because it is completely wrong, but it looks right.

Of course, what really explains these statistics is that these are the unemployment rates that the presidents inherited from their predecessors. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber inherited his unemployment rate from the eight years of steady decline that Obama presided over. Obama inherited the unemployment rate that the exploding economy of W and his Laffer curve disaster saddled him with. W inherited the Clinton’s budget surplus and full employment. Clinton inherited Poppy’s disastrous economy.

It goes a long way to explaining why conservative white voters consistently vote against their own best interests and install governments that are pillaging them and raping the land.

The United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid, everybody. The United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid. God help us.

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    • Howdy Francese!

      There is a beguiling seductiveness to the illusory explanation. As long as you can capture the thin veneer or explanation, many people will accept without questioning.



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