When is a Circle a Circle? Can the Answer Indicate Your Politics? How About Biases? Can They? – PsyBlog

One of my favorite resources for all things psychology is PsyBlog. It is a good summarizing resource of recently published psychology research. When anything related to politics gets published there, it catches my eye. Given our preposterously divided politics, these two articles seemed rather pertinent. Both of them speak to the differences between people who tend to be liberal and those, conservative. Give them a read, and tell me what you think in the comments. Do these findings bear up under your experience?

Is This A Circle? What The Answer Reveals About You

If pushed to choose, would you say this image contains a circle or not?


People who tend towards saying the shape above is a circle are generally more liberal, a new study finds.

People in the study who tended to say this was a circle were also:

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The Fundamental Psychological Bias That Determines Your Politics

Are you on the right or the left? It could be down to this basic psychological bias.

Our position on the political spectrum — right, left or centrist — could be down to a deep-seated psychological bias in the way people think about the world.

That’s according to new research published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, which tested reactions to viewing negative stimuli, like people eating worms or maggot-infested wounds (Hibbing et al., 2014).

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  1. I saw it as a circle. No surprise that I am liberal. Also, since I am an artistic and creative soul, I think that a perfect circle is never quite perfect anyway. Besides, where is the fun in perfection???? I am not particularly symmetrical either. Life would be extremely boring if everything fit neatly into boxes. Jumping out of the box, pushing to extremes is where the fun is.

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    • Howdy Suze!

      My apologize for the lateness of my reply. Somehow I missed your comment when you made it and only found it when I was looking back through comments to see if there were anything I missed.

      I know what you mean. I think of myself as being a deep enigma and then to be laid so bare so easily is just humbling. But, it goes to show that personality traits tend to cluster and can be found out in some of the simplest ways.



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