You Can’t Sue The ACLU For Telling You To Fuck Off, Bob | Wonkette

And this is why I got into the business to begin with! This is a snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney, in a sneaky way, official court document. Such FUN! If it weren’t an official court document, you’d think it were produced by The Onion or Wonkette or Last Week Tonight or some such. That’s the beauty of it, it’s not produced by any of them. It’s produced by the West Virginia ACLU. Have a read, and then, if you can, donate to either Wonkette or the West Virginia ACLU  or both, if you can. S

nobody told him about the Streisand Effect

You Can’t Sue The ACLU For Telling You To Fuck Off, Bob

If you live in coal country and you’re not a wealthy person actually invested in coal extraction, you probably spit on the ground when you hear names like “Massey” or “Murray.” Those are the names of people who have systematically fucked your whole region, and probably your family and friends. They’ve killed people with absolutely no regard for morality, they’ve lied and lobbied and screwed over whole states. They are hellbeasts who make me hope with fervent desire that there actually is a God with that whole Judgment thing just so I can watch the motherfuckers burn for eternity.

Respectfully submitted: go fuck yourself, Bob.

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