The chaos of the Trump administration, in one picture – Vox

You know how we love ourselves a good infographic here at Ye Olde Blogge, and this on is a beaut! It has all the hallmarks of good visual communication:

  • It is recognizable: You know it is the Oval Office with the squatter squatting at his desk and his sycophants nodding along. If you have been following politics lately you may even recognize the sycophants.
  • Effective special effects: The sycophants in shadow or whatever it is called are being singled out for some reason. If you don’t know why you can read all about it in seconds.
  • Brief informative text: Each shadowy sycophant is numbered in the order of departure from his sycophantic service to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. They are named and the date of departure given.
  • High visual impact: Just looking at the picture you realize that of all the important sycophants that had accompanied the Ol’ Pussy Grabber when he started squatting in the White House, there is only one left!
From the original article

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty, Annotation: Javier Zarracina/Vox


The chaos of the Trump administration, in one picture

With Steve Bannon’s ouster, four of these five Trump advisers are now gone.

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