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A Quickie: 25 Years of Success with NK

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has been making a lot of ominous noise recently. He stated that this was the calm before the storm intimating that he had some horrific aggressive plan that he was about to execute. He does not, and it is disappointing to see the media run down that rabbit hole like some trained monkey.

Earlier today, he grabbed his tweeter and squeezed this bit of jiz out of it:

The Korean War ended with an armistice on 27 July 1953 that is 64 years ago by my ciphering. Since then we have avoided military conflict through all the ups and downs of the Cold War and post-Cold War difficulties. There have been skirmishes and odd and sundry provocations, but outright warfare has been avoided. You know what that means? 25 million have NOT died! You know what I call that? A huge fucking success!

When you have nuclear weapons, smart bombs, aircraft carrier groups, and all of the vast array of modern weapons that the US military has at its disposal, and when NK has the largest gathering of artillery pointed at Seoul in the history of human kind, we’ve done pretty fucking good to avoid using it. That is something to be celebrated, not something to be shitcanned.

Short of a real live dead shooting war, there is no way to avoid a nuclear NK. We’ve done our best to stop their program. We have not. But, it has been an earnest honest attempt that was probably always doomed to fail. Now our goal should not be to remove the nuclear capabilities from NK, but to limit proliferation.

There is ample evidence that NK, Iran, and Pakistan exchanged nuclear and missile technologies. We have stopped the Iranian nuclear program with what has been widely hailed as a landmark agreement between the West and Iran in which both sides have gotten things that they wanted. We have an Iran postponing it’s nuclear production for 20 years. The presidents of the US can build upon this agreement and further limit Iran’s nuclear program as those 20 years pass.

Pakistan not only has nuclear capabilities, but they have the missile technology to use them. No one is talking about eliminating Pakistan’s weapons. Pakistan occupies an odd place as a semi-hemi-demi ally armed to the teeth and every weapon pointed at another semi-hemipdemi ally, India.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s heated rhetoric against NK is meant to sow chaos, cause fierce divisive debate between opponents and allies alike. He simply seeks to distract from the Mueller probe and pit ally against ally, opponent against opponent.

The problem is that it flirts with war. Flirting between people of the same sexual orientation is dangerous because it could lead to sexual liaison. Gay men and straight women can flirt outrageously, scandalously because there is little risk of either party misinterpreting the exchange. Straight women who flirt too outrageously with straight men run the risk of going past the point of no return and being raped. Spouses who observe their spouse flirting outrageously are likely to take it seriously with an equally outrageous domestic following.

Flirting with war with a willing opponent is a huge risk. Neither side can really tell when the other shifts from playing to domestic politics (all either side has ever really ever done in this mishegas) to meaning real aggression towards the other. At some point, the temptation to strike first or to defend themselves from a false positive attack can occur. Once the shooting starts, how can anyone pull back?

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is far too narcissistic not to be willing to sacrifice the 50 million people living in South Korea and the 25 million in NK for a short-lived political buffer from the inevitable conclusion of the Mueller probe. All of his tap dancing and gesticulating simply should signal how guilty he is and how close Mueller is coming to him. It should be used a gauge of his fear and anxiety and not a mystery to be solved.

His complete lack of executive functioning skills means that the only thing he can throw up to us is a dust deviling twister of twisting winds and choking blinding dirt. He does not have the capacity to plan a Hurricane Maria or even a Hurricane Nate to throw at anyone. He does not even have the executive functioning to sort out the military chain of command that he sits at the head of, so he is unlikely to even be able to initiate the war planning necessary to initiate a war with NK.

War with NK is at best a red herring and at worst a desperate attempt by a pathetically flailing narcissist to protect his bloated obese caricature of a human being. It is incumbent for all of us, but, especially, the military and media to keep this in mind as he projectile vomits more of his bull shit in order to escape the clutches of an inescapable special council probe. Robert Mueller ain’t no Cy Vance, after all.

Apparently, Barack Obama’s initiative at the State Department has begun to bear some fruit. A year or so ago, the Obama administration began to pressure allies, other countries, and corporations to break ties with North Korea. Many countries have recently expelled diplomats, limited the number of NK guest workers, and curtailed flights from its national carrier. The State Department has been approaching specific countries with specific requests to eliminate a specific link with North Korea. It is part of Obama’s full court press approach with North Korea.

While the Ol’ Pussy Grabber screams his impotence into the electronic void of Twitter, he has been blissfully unaware of the continuation of Obama’s diplomatic strategy that State Department hold overs have been pursuing. This is one of the few times that the Ol’ Pussy Grabbers incredible black hole of competence has paid off. Thanks Obama.

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