MEME: Imitation

If the Ol’ Pussy Grabber weren’t such a sad, pathetic, caricature of what it is to be human, and if he weren’t destroying so many lives and causing so much destruction, he’d be funny. Instead, it is just wincing pain and dread.

Rich Little made a terrific living off of imitations. He could do anybody. Very convincing. Maybe the Ol’ Pussy Grabber could do a stage act for the prison talent show or something, because, let’s face it, he loves him some imitation.

The latest was saying Puerto Rico with a Puerto Rican accent as real leaders do. It might not have been so bad, but then he repeated it in his standard smug condescending accent: We are also praying for the people of Puerto Rico… We love Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico.We also love Puerto Rico. What a sense of humor, that guy! You see the first three times he says it all funny-like, like they do in Puerto Rico, and then the fourth time, he translates it back to regular American. That shit is funny, amirite?

Take the fucking act on the road, man… take it the fuck far far away. Hey, it probably will play well in Moscow! Know what I’m sayin’?

Imitation, flattery, Ol' Pussy Grabber, Trump


The other hilarious bits of flattery he’s laid out in the campaign:

Okay, I’ll get the mop and clean up the sarcasm that dripped off my ass.




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  1. well while you are moping….. you could save some of the shit to share with the ” Moron”,,,,,,,I can just see him reveling in it….. sick moron….heheh

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    • Howdy Francese!

      I’ve taken to tweeting directly to him trying to set off his narcissistic wound. I doubt, he’ll ever see my tweets, but the trick with insulting him is not to call him names or to curse at him. He loves that shit. The trick is to try to expose him as the puffed up Pompadour that he is. The narcissist fears his inflated self being exposed. You saw this with Cruz in PR. She exposed him for the worthless ineffective crappy piece of crap that he is, so he went after her. That’s how you hurt him.



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