Meme: Cy Vance, Less Dignified than a Prostitute?

Now that Harvey Weinstein has joined the burgeoning crowd of sexual harassers — if it’s a bad thing, why’d god put ass right smack dab in the middle of it, hunh, genius? You think god don’t want us grabbing a little ass once in a while? Why’d he spell it with the word ass, then? Don’t make no sense — sexual abusers, sexual assaulters (again, there’s the word, ass, I’m jus’ sayin’), and sexual aggressors.

We’ve got an interesting little side note alleging that another felonious felon was allegedly ignored or case allegedly dropped by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office at the alleged direction of Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance, after an alleged small donation of alleged money was allegedly made. In this case, it is an alleged $10,000.00 from the allegedly lawyerly alleged lawyers of Harvey Weinstein.

That got me to wondering about other professionals who sell their services, especially those services that require very little training…

Cy Vance, Allegedly, Manhattan State District Attorney, Prostitution


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