Meme: Tillerson, Moron, Who hasn’t?

Early this week before the Las Vegas shooting, the calm before the storm distraction, and Harvey Weinstein sex harassment scandal breaking on the anniversary of the confession of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber to being a common rapist and lending its support to my thesis that ALL MEN are just waiting for the right circumstances, we had the scandalous story of Rex Tillerson having called the Ol’ Pussy Grabber a FUCKING MORON! Now, I ask you, how is this news? Who hasn’t called the goaty old rapist a fucking moron at least three times before breakfast? Amirite?

Who hasn’t? Who? Anyone? Anyone at all? I see, so everyone. Everyone has called the Ol’ Pussy Grabber a fucking moron. It would be a bigger story if he hadn’t.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, Ol' Pussy Grabber, Trump, Fucking, Moron


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  1. yeah well he IS a fucking Moron……so??? it can be quite refreshing to just be able to blurt that out….. it just seems to feel good!!

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