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The Existential Threat of the GOP’s Groupthink and Nascent Dehumanization

Conservatives in general and Repubes in particular and the Congressional Repubes especiales are putting us all in danger with their head-in-the-sand approach to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. It seems like the only thing they are interested in is passing their “agenda” of further enriching the rich by selling the middle class as if we were a commodity or resource. And, their followers seem only to be interested in “drinking liberal tears,” which isn’t even a thing.

As long at the Ol’ Pussy Grabber isn’t obviously hurting them, they’re happy to support him.  On the surface this is idiotic, but when you consider the implications of groupthink and dehumanization, it becomes downright frightening.

Each and everyone of us has to wrap our pretty little heads around the idea that the United States will cease to exist if we keep being the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid.

But, you know, it is like bad driving. You can speed, tailgate, weave through traffic, and, hey you’ve never had a “bad” accident, so it’s okay. You must be a good driver, right? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber hasn’t destroyed the country, yet, so it must be okay, right?

The longer that the Repube Congress refrains from checking and balancing his dumb ass, the further down the road of groupthink and dehumanization we travel, and the bigger the fucking comeuppance we’re all going to have to endure. Thanks for electing these assholes and keeping them in office!

It doesn’t seem to matter to them how erratic the Ol’ Pussy Grabber behavior becomes,  how much he alienates our allies, or how much he enables Putin and the Russians, they’ll keep enabling him like he was some kinda demented were-Nixon.

By early August 1974, the Repubes in Congress had turned against Nixon and all he did was some common garden-variety obstruction of justice over some two-bit conspiracy to steal useless information to use against the Dems. Hellfire, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and his cronies are not only selling America for personal gain, they are committing bona fide treason.

The Repube congress folk turned against Nixon when they realized that their re-elections were in jeopardy. They were already the minority in both Houses of Congress, but public sentiment had turned against Nixon and them after the Saturday Night Massacre and they were headed for a by-election thumping.

Anyone who has been watching the special elections to fill the Congressional seats and state legislatures has been seeing huge swings from Repube support to Dem support in those districts. Huge. Surely, this must concern the Repubes up for re-election. It does. It concerns them so much, droves Repube Congress people are declining to run. But, the Repube Congress just plods on mouthing the same old tired lies they always have used to sell the middle class to corporate interests domestic and foreign like a cheap natural resources. They keep whistling in the dark as the looming disaster looms ever larger and darker. What’s wrong with these idiots? Groupthink is wrong with them.

What is Groupthink?

Groupthink is a concept in social psychology in which the decision-making process of a group becomes inefficient because few alternatives are considered  and the morality of the group deteriorates. Groups that suffer from groupthink make decisions that have little chance of success. They get tunnel vision and focus only on a few ideas. Famously, Irving Janis (originator of the concept) attributed the Bay of Pigs fiasco to groupthink. Even though, none of JFK’s cabinet thought it would succeed, each and every one of them failed to mention it because they were afraid to upset the consensus. Who wants to be THAT guy, amirite?

Just think, the Repube Congress is steering us to a Bay of Pigs fiasco. The unnecessary and unwanted tax give away to the rich don’t count as a groupthink error since it was all part of the plan and they know full well the long term economic disaster such a move has always led to.

Janis thought that groupthink was due to loyalty to the leader trumping common sense. You didn’t bring up doubts or concerns or alternatives because you didn’t want to overturn the apple cart. Who does that remind you of? Who would rather have himself surrounded by sicokphants (sic) sickophantically agreeing that he is the bestest brain with the bestest words being the bestest stable genius than actually try to solve some of the problems facing the country and the world? What happens to those who call him a fucking moron even if it is under their breath — not that Rex Tillerson wasn’t a bought and paid for Russian shill anyway.

Evidence for the GOP’s Groupthink

Groups make shitty groupthink decisions under specific circumstances, let’s see how the Repubes and conservatives in general stake up agin ’em!

  • Highly cohesive: A group is highly cohesive when it is made up of similar members who have similar ideas and want similar things. In other words, they share a culture. Who does that sound like? Conservatives, especially white evangelical conservatives, white supremacists, the Tea Party. Fuck, all of them, Katie!
  • Insulated from experts: Climate change? Bad trade deals? Immigrants actually help our economy and don’t commit crimes? Gun violence? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has got it in his head that Amazon is costing the Post Office millions, even though his own staff keeps telling him otherwise. Once again, it’s all of them, Katie!
  • Limit the search for and appraisal of information: Fake news is all you need to know here. The wanton rejection of any and all information, but, especially information that maybe sorta might could contradict a cherished and dearly held belief is all you need to know here. These folks are only interested in confirmation bias and motivated reasoning. A little information is all that’s required for that. Most of the rank-and-file are only interested in aimless name calling anyway. Repubes both in and out of Congress are only interested in justifying their rape and pillage of the middle class.

Then there are these three conditions that seem unique to the Repubes, especially those in Congress:

  • High stress: With the Ol’ Pussy Grabber paying Russian pee hookers to piss on the Resolute Desk and everything that America holds dear every single fucking day and being about as erratic as a tweeker who just dropped a tab of acid, wouldn’t you be fucking stressed? You know the Repubes in Congress are just barely holding it together. But they can’t say shit cause you know primaried and party unity and being tweeted at by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber that’s enough to cause any Repube to hold his pecker for dear life.
  • Low self-esteem: I often think that the reason conservatives in general are just so cruel and non-empathetic is because they have no self-esteem. Also, people gain self-esteem from their groups. The higher the group’s esteem is, the better the individual member feels about him or herself. To get there, they have to trash the other groups, thus denigration, insults, and invective. These people must be desperate to feel better about  themselves. I mean, Sandy Hook truthers for fuck sake.
  • The leadership favors a solution and a better one has little chance of being accepted: Again, sound familiar? Isn’t Obamacare the case in point here? Wasn’t it a conservative solution to the healthcare problem, but because leadership can’t accept it now that a black man has proposed it, no one can touch it. These people are trapped by their own inflexible thinking, biases, bigotry, and arrogance.
Seriously, y’all, the conservatives, Repubes, and congressional Repubes are experiencing groupthink. Take an issue: immigration and DACA, abortion, taxes, trade, military spending, healthcare, gun violence, and they got nothing. One idea and one idea only. They are terrified of suggesting otherwise. The only people who do are those who aren’t running for reelection.
Supporting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and helping him obstruct justice is the result of groupthink and taking butt loads of Russian laundered money. They are going to take us into another Bay of Pigs, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Iraq War.


Couple the dangers of groupthink with that of dehumanization, and we’re staring down the very destructive barrel of a gun. Take your pick of hubris that groupthink could lead us into: DACA and draconian immigration policies, gun violence and rabid second amendmentism, abortion and women’s health, anti-LGBTQ+ and transphobia. Conservatives already think of liberals as not American, it is only a small shove and they think of us as non-human.
Christ, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber thinks we WANT drugs coming into the country. Ted Nugent thinks the Parkland kids are soulless, Kevin Williamson thinks women who’ve had abortions are murderers and should be hanged, and god knows the horrors that await anyone the flying monkey brigade descends upon.
Dehumanization awaits us all. All of the murdered black citizens are the result of dehumanization. The latest one being Stephon Clark and a Sacramento sheriff’s deputy pulling a hit-and-run on a protester. How many states proposed laws allowing motorists to run down protesters? That’s dehumanization. We’re already heading towards it on a broad scale.
Dehumanization is a psychological process whereby a group of people is seen as being less than human and, therefore, not deserving of the same protections from harm and assurances of fair treatment. Psychologists coined the term after studying the causes of the Holocaust because that’s the level of peril it embodies. There have been other incidents as well, think Tutsis and Hutus.
Society is held together by the tacit agreement that everyone gets the same basic treatment and has the same basic rights. Innocent people should not be gunned down by the police as they play in parks, shop at Walmart, or stand in their grandmother’s backyard. Women should not live in fear of being sexually assaulted, abused, or harassed.
We already live in a society where women and minorities do not have the same basic rights and receive the same basic treatment, so it is just a small step to dehumanizing their white male allies. Look at what is happening to David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez at the hands of Fox News and other conservative pundits. And, once that is done, do you imagine it will take very much to start systematically rounding people up and shipping them off to camps or worse. We’re already doing it to people that we think are here without authorization.
I don’t think it is too soon to be discussing the existential threat that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, Congressional Repubes, Repubes, and conservatives pose to the United States as long as we stubbornly remain the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid. The double whammy of groupthink and dehumanization can put an end to our way of life.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      I have to say that with the recent cabinet shifts and more on the way, I can only see real disaster ahead. Groupthink always results in such atrocious decisions that we’ll find ourselves in big big trouble. And, when you couple groupthink with dehumanization, then we have a very real existential threat to the continued existence of the US in anything other than name. I don’t think enough of us truly get the risk and the danger that the sycophantic GOP has placed us in. It is deeply troubling.


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