How Long Will The Supreme Court’s Conservative Bloc Survive? | FiveThirtyEight

It’s like we forgot that the conservative-liberal split of the court hung in the balance in the 2016 election. How could we forget? Mitch McConnell stole — traitorously stole because any such violation of the Constitution can only amount to treason — a Supreme Court seat. And we let him get away with it! We let him get away with it!

Well, now, we get this actuarial article from FiveThirtyEight about the longevity of each Supreme Court Justice. And, it contains this little nugget of information: Clearance Thomas, weanus extraordinaire and easily the most corrupt member of the Court, is thinking of retiring. Of course he is. There’s a big fat healthy bonus check in it for him

… the average age at departure from the court at 69.7, which is heavily influenced by the average age at death: 73.9. Two of the current eight justices, both liberals, are older than that.

that he’s sure to want to spend while he’s still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it.

I swear to god. How could we have forgotten that the single most important issue in the 2016 election was the Supreme Court? We truly are the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid! Instead of being focused on the future of our democracy, we were too busy arguing about who was worse: Clinton’s emails or the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s unproductive malignant narcissism; whether Sanders could’ve beaten the Ol’ Pussy Grabber; whether the Dems were responsible for their own demise by nominating such a flawed candidate; how big the fucking pea was under our collective stack of mattresses?

When women are dying because they’ve had an abortion again, remember how you voted in 2016… and feel guilty as fuck if you let this disaster happen.

When PoC are being incarcerated at ever greater rates to keep the private prison industry profitable and whites sleeping comfortably; when PoC are finding it more and more difficult to vote; when the environment is being destroyed at ever greater rates by our industries; when unions have been completely destroyed and we’re all working longer hours for less; when our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are all increasingly limited and our elderly are back to living in poverty: feel guilty as fuck if your “vote” let it happen.

How Long Will The Supreme Court’s Conservative Bloc Survive?

By Oliver Roeder 19 July 2018

Somewhere high up in the news stories (ours included) about President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, there’s often a sentence that goes like this: Brett Kavanaugh is relatively young, and his confirmation could therefore alter the makeup of the high court for decades to come.

This article is an expanded, FiveThirtyEight version of that sentence. It is, by nature, a morbid exercise.

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