The Unproductive Malignant Narcissism Watch: From Raking to Being Thankful for Himself

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has the bestest of everything, doesn’t he? He can’t help it. He’s the bestest, so everything he says, thinks, or does is the bestest. #BeBestest, amirite? So, it’s no surprise that he has demonstrated his bestestness about three times in and around the past week!

First is the whole rake the forest like Finland do fiasco. Then, there is the I ain’t askert to go visiting the troops as long as I can call them, and ramble on about his bizarre hatred of the electromagnetic catapult. And, third there was his heartwarming message to America on Thanksgiving! The good news is that all three not only demonstrate his narcissism but how dangerous it is to have a narcissist in charge of anything.

Each example is directly related to his narcissistic bestest thoughts using his bestest brain and his bestest words, he has the bestest solutions that no one any where has ever thought of. He is the very model of a very stable genius.


I mean just look at his response to the biggest most deadly wildfire in California’s history! The solution to the wildfire problem is to rake the forest! Apparetnly, Fox News showed the Ol’ Pussy Grabber some footage of fire fighters cutting a fire break (I assume that’s what they were doing or maybe they were just trying to tidy up the lawns before the fire storm raced across them and destroyed everything), and it sparked his genius insight. Now, you and I would watch that film of fire fighters raking up debris and think, Gee, I hope that helps stop the fire! But, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber uses his bestest brain and realizes what no one else has, or will, or does: raking is the solution to forest fires that liberals don’t want you to know about because they hate America.

It’s genius. It’s pure genius. It’s even super genius. No one in the history of fire fighting or forests or anything had ever thought of it and no one in a million years ever would. It is a good example of the kind of unique insight that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has hundreds of times a day, though!Now you know why we’re in the trouble we’re in.

All he needs to do is look at something and Bing-o! He has the answer.

Scared to Visit the Troops

Why here’s another one! The Ol’ Pussy Grabber ain’t askert of visiting no troops. Here he is avisiting troops from the safety and comfort of his Mar-a-Lago rumpus room using the telephone! All them other presidents was too stupid to realize that they didn’t need to put themselves in dangerous jeopardy by visiting the troops in their war torn theaters of war. Why those other presidents probably didn’t even realize that there was people over there what were trying to kill them. 

Now, here’s the very stable genius part coming in. If you’re scared to go to war zones, but you want to pretend like you’re not. Make a war zone that isn’t actually a war zone and go visit the troops there! Hunh? Hunh? Now, that is some Wag the Dog type genius, ain’t it?

He claimed a “vast amount of fighting at the border taking place in Mexico” stemming from the migrant caravan.

Huffington Post

And, here he is showing off his intricate knowledge of the intricacies of aircraft carriers. Just listen to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber bless some hapless naval officer with his very model of a very stable genius:

Thankful for His Ownself

Ain’t it no wonder that when asked by some fake news fake reporter what he was most thankful for, he said himself? I made a tremendous difference in this country, the fake news quoted him as having said and provided video tape of the statement as the fake news is want to do to try and make him look bad.

No one can argue that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has not made a tremendous difference in this country. He’s definitely made it much worse and has inflicted a lot more pain and suffering on people.

We is all so very thankful to have the very model of a very stable genius sitting in the Oval Office watching pee-hookers piss on the Resolute Desk and all of our American values and traditions. It is a comfort to all of us.

Narcissists are as Narcissists do

All three of these events epitomize narcissism. A narcissist believes that everything he thinks, says, or does is the very best. A narcissist does not question himself because he knows he’s the best at everything. So, when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber looked at those fire fighters raking and had his marvelous insight into fire fighting, he was absolutely certain that it was the best way to fight forest fires, that no one else had ever thought of it, and that no one else had tried it.

Very Stable Genius

It was so crystal clear to him that raking hundreds of thousands of acres of rugged wilderness was the solution to our wildfire problems as soon as he thought it. That’s the way genius works, don’t you know? It occurs in a flash without work or effort. It just comes to you. Because a genius brain is the bestest brain, it don’t need no direction from conscious thought, or learning from reading and books, or consultations with so-called experts. All’s a bona fide genius has to do is look at something to know the answer.

Just like with the steam versus electromagnetic launching systems on aircraft carriers. It is absolutely clear to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber that steam is the better solution. Just listen to the deep insights he has into the problem in that fifty-second phone conversation with the hapless naval officer struggling to keep his job and reputation. You can see the genius shining through.

You can see his narcissism in his lie that fake news had the gall to video tape and publish to make him look bad. Watch as he tells a very polite and clearly incredulous Governor Brown that the president of Finland had told him they raked their forests to prevent forest fires.

Of course, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber hadn’t actually needed to talk to the president of Finland to confirm his absolute crystal clear knowledge of the TRUTH. The Ol’ Pussy Grabber KNEW in ways that only the very model of a very stable genius could that it was Finland! And, if the fake news contacted President Niinisto and found out (a) he had never had this conversation with him and (b) Finland doesn’t exactly rake its forests, then we’ll make an exception and forgive him his factlessness but recognize his genius in that the Finns could rake their forests and prevent forest fires.

People wonder why the Ol’ Pussy Grabber tells such obvious lies, and that is the reason. He doesn’t think of them as lies. His thoughts are all accurate. That is the insanity of narcissism. It is what makes him so dangerous. It is why people laugh at him… and more openly laugh at him all of the time.

Narcissism distorts the narcissist’s perceptions of reality to such a degree that he cannot perceive or cope with reality as it actually is. It is clear to all but the most ardent supporters of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, so the real mystery is the GOP’s willingness to put us all at risk by keeping him in office.

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  1. having seen our”dear Leader” in action ….( I worked in a Casino in Atlantic city.) I have disliked him for a very long time , and dislike for him then ( over 20 years ago)….has turned in to a ;much more inflated version of ” dislike” … he truly was a brute and and often cruel….. but that would be another story entirely…..

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    • Howdy Francese!

      I would love to hear any anecdotes you have to tell about Trump in Atlantic City. Clearly, he is a sadist and will torture anyone in his path who is weak and vulnerable as well as exploit them for his own gain.

      Dislike is not the half of it.



      • well one incident occurred at his casino in Atlantic city…. I was working as a chef at one of the other Casino’s but decided to check out his digs…… I was in civvies. and was headed down the large corridor to the casino, when he and about 30 people ( they worked there) were following him closely, as they steamed down the corridor ( a large one ) they steamed down almost running and slammed me against the wall as they followed their “fearless leader”. Needless to say it was a close call.. Getting mashed physically against the wall lead me to decide to get the hell our of there…..Oh yeah ….. and not one of them gave a damn about me as I picked myself up off the floor. As you can well assume ……I promised myself then and there , that I would NEVER EVER work for him …..

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    • Howdy Jerry!

      That would be too good for him.

      I cannot help but think his narcissistic delusion is so powerful that he would eventually rationalize his imprisonment as being the best possible outcome.



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