The New Cruelty: Tear Gassed in Tijuana

On Sunday 25 November “US agents” — Is that even a thing? Do we really have a group of people called nothing more definitively than US agents? Seriously, who are these people? — shot tear gas into Mexico — ACROSS an international border; they shot munitions into a sovereign country with intent of hurting people there — to dissuade some of the Hondurans who had come north in a caravan to seek asylum — a legal status with a well established legal process for establishing — from trying to cross the border BECAUSE the “US agents” are not following US law and accepting their applications for legal asylum.

They tear gassed men, women, and children. Small children. They used a chemical weapon that has been banned for use in combat on small children who were trying to apply for legal asylum.

The world is outraged.

We’ve come to tear gassing three year olds in a foreign country.

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