If Trump is this UNFIT, Why Does the GOP Support Him? Shifting our Outrage from Trump to the GOP

A Week of Busy Presidenting

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber started out the new year as busy as a big fat orange beaver can be waddling around his hidey-hole. He held hisself two — count ’em two — very public meetings that took up whole hours of his day! He followed it up with, hold the presses, a press conference, the very next day that also went over an hour! And, in case you missed the point, he proclaimed hisself hard working when he could be taking it easy like some other presidents he knows about. You ever have the feeling that we’re living in a Mel Brooks movie?

I gotta say that if the tour de narcissisme of the past two days didn’t cause the Repubes to WANT to move him outta office, ain’t nothing going to no how no way. So, what is up with these Repubes that they are willing to marinade in this sauce de stupid?

We all knew the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is mad as a hatter. We all knew he is a cancerous growth on American democracy. What we weren’t quite clear on was just how cynically corrupt the Repubes had become. We should no longer be expressing surprise or even outrage at the antics of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. We should greet them with an outrage that the Repubes tolerate this goop oozing out of the crevices of the White House.

Let’s recap the crap that spewed non-stop like so much verbal hyperemesis from seemingly every orifice of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber over the past few days. Then we’ll get to the what the fuck, Repubes, part.

The Cabinet Meeting

I hope we’ve all read or seen the cabinet meeting,” so we needn’t recap it all here. But let’s focus on just a couple of the jaw-dropping moments.

This first moment is NOT about the DOD inspector general reports, but rather it is about his meeting with “his” generals in “the greatest room I’ve ever seen,” so you’ll have to scan down to the second tweet in the thread. Apparently, you can’t separate tweets when they’re in a thread. Who knew?

Handsome Strong Generals

You can tell what he thinks is important from comments like this. Appearance is everything to him. He’s focused on the way things look not on what they do or competence or anything like that. It is the looks. But, scarier than that, he doesn’t say anything meaningful about what they talked about. One assumes that they were talking about Middle East strategy, but who knows. When he addressed ME strategy in his remarks during his visit to Iraq all he said was they had a big meeting and they came up with a great plan that we will love.

He also sounds like he just started presidenting. Lots of generals… more than I’d ever seen before. What? I don’t think he should have met every general in the US military, but still. I guess to him it makes him sound important because (a) he has generals, (b) he has big meetings, and (c) there were lots of generals there. Generals, I have it on very good authority, are like the most important people in the military. So, that Ol’ Pussy Grabber must be an important guy if he’s having big meetings with lots of generals. FFS, he’s the… oh, never mind.

“…and we were at the bottom of this incredible room. I said, ‘This is the greatest room I’ve ever seen.'” Rooms have bottoms? Does he mean he was at the end furthest from the door? Was it in a basement? Maybe they were in the Pentagon? Does he think it makes him sound anything other than absolutely naive and foolish?

Seriously, he sounds like he’s along for the ride.

Revisionist Soviet History

The next moment, though, is the most important one. It is actually a very very serious one. It concerns his revision of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan. Here, read it for yourself and if you have a strong stomach, listen to him say it.

He went on to say that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan because they were sending terrorists to attack them! Holy mother of Russian influence and co-option of a president, Batman! I know that 1979 was nearly forty years ago, and memories get a little hazy with time, and presidents aren’t required to know every little detail of American history, but holy mother of hold on to your ass. I guess if John Kelly or James Mattis had been in the room they might have had to say something, but given that the cabinet consists only of “acting” sycophants, sock puppets, and blow-up sex dolls, it was crickets.

Let’s be clear, the USSR invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban were about to topple a communist government. They were shoring up an ally. It was a brutal invasion that terrorized the population of Afghanistan, caused the US to lead a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games hosted by Russia that year — Why didn’t we boycott the World Cup that Russia stole before they stole our presidential election? I know the US was eliminated from the Cup, but why didn’t the rest of the world refuse to participate after Russia stole the Crimea, invaded Ukraine, murdered UK citizens, and attempted to influence European elections? I never could figure that out. Ultimately, it didn’t work, by 1988, they had begun their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

By 1991, the USSR was kaput, but American propaganda attributes that to the wisdom of Ronald Reagan in challenging the USSR to keep up with us in an arms race which wrecked their economy. You know the GOP has fallen when no one defends the major legacy of Ronald Reagan.

The defeat in Afghanistan hurt the USSR mightily. It hurt them economically. It hurt them politically. It hurt their national pride. It laid bare the lie that the authoritarians had been telling about the strength and might of the country. But, it can only be one reason among many for the downfall of the USSR, and probably isn’t even a significant contributor.

It is only in Russian revisionist history that the issue of terrorism is even associated with the invasion of Afghanistan. So, that raises the question, why the fuck did he even bring it up to begin with? Who the fuck is talking to him about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

That’s not even mentioning that he is endorsing the invasion and suggesting that Russia repeat it. I know the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is ceding the Middle East to Russia as long as the Sauds keep sending us oil, but it really does suggest that someone is whispering sweet Russian tea cakes into his ear about how unimportant countries like Afghanistan and Syria are to the US because they are so very far away. And, how expensive it is to be maintaining US forces in those countries. And, how it would be better to leave it to regional players like say Russia.

Maybe the GOP Agrees

And, that brings me to the question of how the Congressional Repubes can sit idly by with Mitch McConnell’s thumb stuck up their asses and let this go on? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s isolationism and willingness to abandon our carefully constructed and highly beneficial system of alliances must alarm people like Mitch McConnell. And, if not Mitch, then… then… who? Sister Lindsey? Ted Cruz who at one time had presidential aspirations until the Ol’ Pussy Grabber neutered him? Mitt Romney who will squeak and fuss when you wind him up?

If this type of lunatic rambling of barely coherent garbage doesn’t cause you concern for the fate of the nation, or this obvious influence by one of our biggest enemies and rivals doesn’t alarm you, then maybe you aren’t really concerned about the fate of our nation. Maybe it goes beyond the I’m afraid the Ol’ Pussy Grabber will tweet at me and I’ll get primaried and look at the judges and the unneeded unwanted trillion dollar tax break for the already filthy rich so we’ll put up with him. Maybe it speaks to the possibility that this is also the goal of the Repubes.

Now that the Democrats have the House and we have a legitimate check and balance on the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s lily-white fat ass, we need to be shifting our focus to being outraged that the Repubes aren’t concerned about the damage done to our country and the world order. We need to start wondering out loud whether the entire Repube party has been bought and paid for through good old fashioned bribery and kompromat. Because after the past two days of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber presidenting as hard and fast as he can, you’ve got to be pretty worried that two of the three branches of our federal government are completely dysfunctional.

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  1. Yes, I would like to see Mel Brooks’ movie of this administration. He just might have a hard time making it funnier (as we perceive it’s extreme seriousness.) If John Candy were still around, he could play the part of the 45thoccupantofthewhitehouse and we would need someone like Jim Carry to play Mitch your Bitch.

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    • Howdy Jerry!

      That would be an awesome movie. In lieu of John Candy, perhaps Zach Galifianakis could play the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. Maybe a Cohen Bros movie since Mel is retired.



    • Howdy Suze!

      They see it, and they LIKE it. I’m coming to the conclusion that the Russian influence campaign netted them a bunch of Repubes. A lot of them took money from the NRA and Russia probably found other ways to get money to them through PACs. It is becoming clear as the crisis deepens that the GOP has been bought and paid for. They support Trump and they want to cede the ME to Russia; they want to destroy our alliances; they want to keep the government shutdown.

      They are the problem and they must bear the brunt of our outrage and pressure.



  2. So, Turtle Man (Mitch) says the Senate will not vote on the appropriations bill passed by the House. Aside from the obvious grovelling to the mad king, that is an interesting position. If they vote and it passes, Trump will veto, which gives opportunity for an override vote. If it is voted down, it is gone. But if a vote is indefinitely delayed, there it sits, like a loaded gun on the night stand. And, the pressure from all sides to take a vote will only grow.

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