The Democratic Presidential Primary Debate #2, Day 2: NOT Live Blogged

File this one under the best laid plans of mices and mens. Today is a travel day for the Psy family. We are taking the red eye home and as such will be leaving for the airport in the middle of the debate. Also, since we are staying with the sibling in-laws, I cannot rank the final hours with the extended family higher than the hours live blogging the second day of the second debate.

I will be publishing my interpretations of the debate performances based on the snippets, segments, and re-plays of the debates I can watch tomorrow… from China. How the international dateline will further disrupt all of this, I don’t know. It probably won’t be until Saturday that I can post anything and one of them will be stirring round of Who’s Presidential?

See y’all then! Have a great debate!

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