Call YOUR MOC: What To Do IF Your MOC’s VoiceMail Box is FULL!!?!

Howdy y’all!

24 SEPTEMBER: I’ve add a page addressing other ways to contact your MOC when their voicemail boxes are full. I’ve heard from folks during high volume calling times like this — you are calling about the replacement for #RBG, aren’t you? — that voicemail boxes get full and stay full. Here are your next best options explained in one succinct — clocking in at just over 3 minutes is short for me! — post.

22 SEPTEMBER: I posted a script and reasons to Call Your Senator about Replacing #RBG. Call your senator TODAY! You should also see the page about alternatives to calling if your senator’s voicemail box is full — we’re looking at you Senators Toomey and Cruz!

Call Your MoC About

Mea Culpa

Bills pass the House everyday and they languish on McConnell’s desk. Important issues come up everyday and bounce around the media echo chambers. I’m constantly finding myself wanting to tell my MOC’s how I feel about bills and issues and what I want them to do. It’s enough to overwhelm the blog’s front page and monopolize my time. What’s a part-time blogger and full-time citizen to do?

My solution: I’ve created a Call Your MoC page located in the banner menu (first item, too) that will list the pages concerning each bill or issue that you should call your MOC about. Those pages give some explanatory details and a script to use. Then, I have located all of the contact information links and helpful suggestions and alternatives to calling on the Call Your MoC page. And, last, I’ll keep a post pinned to the front page of the blog that points you to the most recent issue and reminding you of why I do this and where to find their contact information. Pretty nifty, hunh?

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“Hole – overflow route for lake mead water to bypass hoover dam if level too high. A commentary on my life” by Tim Pearce, Los Gatos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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