Whaz Up!?! Monday 12 July 2021

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a hard week of moving. My favorite kinda move is when you have enough time to move one or two loads a day until you’re done, which is what we were doing… Okay, I was doing because pathological demand avoidance.There is always one day, though, where you have to do a half dozen just to get it done. At some point you have to be all in one place. Your stuff just doesn’t divide itself neatly into easily moved segments. The stuff you need for your daily life has to go all at once. Anywho, that’s been my week. That and take out. How did we live without delivery apps? On the eighth day, god created Uber Eats and there was much rejoicing throughout the land, except for the Uber Eats drivers and those too poor to be able to afford take out.

The luggage cart we used had a flat tire so it staggered like a drunken sailor’s first day of shore leave. So, let’s just say it was amusing. Otherwise, it’s been a quiet week at Ye Olde Blogge, but not in the world! Lots o’ news, amirite? We thought it’d slow down when be booted Trump’s sorry flabby white ass to the ground, but it didn’t. It got worse.

From the WordPress Reader

I knew this week would come when everything that I found interesting was psychology related. Ye Olde Blogge was convieved of as a explaining politics, life, and everything using snark and psychology. It could’ve been confessions of a snarky high school psychology teacher, too. Instead, Trump intervened and it became all about the destructive prowess of narcissists. Okay, we’ve digressed a bit. Here’s this week’s interesting stuff:

The Psychology-Related

Most of the psychology related stuff is from one of my favorite sources: NeuroscienceNews, which links to free psychology-related research articles.

So, in no particlular order:

  • Why Insisting You’re Not Racist May Backfire We know how Ye Olde Blogge loves us some racism. Here we get science fact, saying I’m not a racist pretty much means you are. Not only that, it causes other white folks to be more racist, too.
  • When Taste and Healthfulness Compete, Taste Has a Hidden Advantage Our brains process taste information first, before factoring in health information, according to new research from Duke University. Because, of course we do or god hates us.
  • How a Series of Sleep Loss Impacts Mental and Physical Wellbeing Most of us don’t sleep enough during the work week, and then think we’ll sleep in on the weekend. WRONG! All you’re doing is compounding the problem. On day three of sleep deprivation (six hours or less of sleep per night), physical, emotional, and mental problems peaked, but participants habituated. On day six they bottomed out and reported all symptoms were at their worst. No one went more than eight days with six or fewer hours of sleep in the study.
  • Work Like a Dream: New Anticholinergic Drug Keeps PTSD Flashbacks and Nightmares Away Many of us suffer from intrusive anxiety-triggered thoughts and memories that resemble PTSD. Many more actually have PTSD due to traumatic experiences. This development means that some of the worst symptoms can be treated.
  • Handwriting Beats Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read We’ve long known that students who take handwritten notes in class have better retention of classroom material than those who take notes on a computer because writing causes deeper processing of the material than typing does. Many people type so fast that they can write verbatim what is being heard; however, most cannot using handwriting — dictation is lost art — which means you have to listen, process, and condense while taking handwritten notes. Here’s anothe study supporting that fun science fact.

An Evening in My Life as Caregiver is a blog entry by Kathleen Duncan about providing care for her stepmother with Alzheimer’s. It is an honest portrayal of all the little foibles that can build up in the course of a trying day and how they manifest themselves… in case you’ve ever wondered what it was like. She uses a few too many I did so loveingly’s for my tastes — see the I’m not a racist entry above — but she goes through her day, especially her interactions with her stepmother, very clearly.

The ten commandments of the narcissistic parent This could be about the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. It certainly is from the perspective of his children and spouse, all of whom have the resources to seek treatment, so don’t go feeling sorry for them.

The Kids’ Liking Gap The liking gap is a cognitive bias that allows to believe that people like us less than they really do. Hunh, maybe I was right the first time around. Maybe Oh fuck, it’s that guy again! really is a traditional Texas greeting and not something unique to my appearance on the scene. Anywho, apparently, it sets in as young as five years old.

The Vacation-Related

Since it is high summer, let’s end with a couple of favorite vacatioin-related blog entries:

The Referer-Related

Let’s remember those who have shown us real acts of kindness by provding much needed referrals and links.

  • Crooks and Liars almost daily column, Mike’s Blog Round Up, provides links to interesting liberal blogs that who ever is currating that week finds or likes or whatever. Ye Olde Blogge even shows up occassionally on it.
  • Burr Deming’s masterfully written Fair and Unbalanced blog runs a weekendly collection of intereLplsting stuff on the Interwebs that often includes a link to Ye Olde Blogge. gives a snarky look at week’s news and opinion on various blogs and articles from around the Internet, so bookmark it and check back on the weekend!
  • While Mock, Paper, Scisors doesn’t actually link to us, Ye Olde Blogge ends up as a frequent commenter and Tengrain gets his turn editing MBRU and ofen links to us. Otherwise, he’s a good source of amusing, confusing, and deluding stories from around the Internet.
  • Infidel 753 has a very active blog, runs a Sunday list of interesting stuff from around the Internet, and links to Ye Olde Blogge from MBRU.
  • And, friend of Ye Olde Blogge, Bob, from over at Of Cabbages and Kings provides pingbacks and re-blogging services for Ye Olde Blogge and a number of interesting blogs.

As always, when visiting a blog, leave a sign that you were there. A like, a rating, a comment, a share.

The Cambodia #COVID19 Report

The government, local press, and casual observation of the reported cases suggests that Cambodia is now experiencing exponential growth rates for infections and deaths. The Delta variant is so contagious that all you need do is look at someone in their apartment and even if neither of you is infected, one of you will become so… or almost. That’s you know hyperbole. But, damn, nothing seems to be stopping the outbreak here.

Everyone I see is wearing a mask. Everyone. Everyone is practicing social distancing. Hand sanitizer is everywhere. An aggressive vaccination program is in process. Nothing seems to be slowing the spread of the Delta. Just like with movies, this sequeal sucks.

Let this be a warning to all y’all! Get vaxxed. Take this shit seriously. Once it gets a grip on a country, it spreads like a California wildfire during a drought under a heat dome.


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    • Howdy Silver!

      The best of all possible worlds! You process the material twice!

      My students who are trying to make their notes near and perfect in class as we’re working with material drives me bananas. If you want them near and tidy, I tell them, so it at home. And they’ll be processing the material a second time using a depth of processing and strengthening their memory and understanding.


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