Whaz UP!?! Valentine’s Day in Cambodia

Howdy y’all

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Hope you’re doing something with someone you love whether they’re there with you or somewhere else. Ye Olde Blogge doesn’t do much for Valentine’s as you might imagine that a cynical old curmudgeon wouldn’t. Anywho, it’s been a helluva week like all weeks are in the #COVID19 era.

  • HIATUS: The school went on hiatus for a week due to all of the #COVID19 infections that we’ve had among our staff and students. We were scheduled to return on Wednesday 16 February, but the ministry changed their requirements from seven days of isolation to five, so we’re returning on Monday 14 February with negative rapid tests required for all. I don’t know about this logic, but hey, here we are.
  • WEDNESDAY’S WHIFF: So, we missed Wednesday’s post. There are several good reasons:
    • First, retooling your lesson plans so that they work online isn’t as easy as they make it look in the movies. You don’t have your two minute montage of sitting at your computer doing “research” set to a peppy inspiring pop music soundtrack and then you’re Mr. Kotter or something.
    • Second, we have produced our report cards, which means writing a comment about each student you have. Only, you’re comments have to fit the mold: opening, praise, improvement all while citing work that the student did or didn’t do during the term. As you can imagine there’s a lot of cutting and pasting going on.
    • And third, all these comments have to be proofread, so the logical thing to do is to split them up among the faculty to peer-proof based on department. You know, you proof A’s, A proofs B’s, and B proofs yours. Sounds great. Only I teach in three departments: English, science, and social studies. So, I got to proof the 120 student comments of a teacher from each of those departments while some lucky soul got to proof the forty or so students that I had in each of those classes. No one realized it. I didn’t realize it until I was doing it, but then it was too late. Oh, and we were given, you know, 24 hours to do it in. And, somehow I have to do my planning for next week’s classes, too. Fuck me.
  • FEEDING THE SPIRIT: Whilst shopping for glasses, we found the altar in shown in the feature photo. I know they are feeding the spirit of the store or an ancestor or both, but it sure looked like the way I feel about life recently. So, you know what they say, “Don’t bite the hand of god when you see it at work in your life, right?” Serendipity or synchronicity or whatever.
  • PASSPORT UPDATE: I figured out what I’ve got to do. I couldn’t do it because see above. Next week’s adventure.

Anywho, I hope your week was better. Feel free to share the details on your personal whiffs or successes or Valentine’s experiences in the comments. On to the week’s reading!


From the Media

I still get up every morning and peruse the headlines and read the occasional article no matter how hectic the day is going to be. I still save a couple for Whaz Up whenever I come across anything even remotely suitable. So, here we are:

  • VALENTINE’S DAY ETIQUETTE from the Cambodian Ministry of Education. It’s an interesting study of what happens in our globalized world as the older generation realizes that something is up with the kids. Some quotes are helpful:

“A small number of young people have acted foolishly, forgotten their studies, lost their personal and family dignity and abandoned their culture and Khmer national traditions,” said the ministry.

Education Ministry issues directive on proper etiquette for Valentine’s Day

And from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts:

Valentine’s Day in Cambodia should be an opportunity to share and ensure love with dignity, sincerity and purity to the loved ones around us, such as: family, parents, spouses, children, grandchildren as well as to relatives and friends, such as the disabled, orphans, and the needy, under the guise of writing greetings, gifts, socializing or eating together with pleasure, but Cambodians must respect Follow health rules by keeping gaps and in open spaces.

Ministry of Culture calls on young people to celebrate Valentine’s Day in accordance with Cambodian traditions
  • COSMIC MATTERING: #ScienceFact! The religious types value their religious experiences and gathering because it gives their lives meaning in a cosmic-sense. They have their place in the cosmos. The science-types always thought it was because of social mattering, you know, meeting and hobnobbing with friends and looking down on all us heathens. (PsyPost)

From the Blogs

Pro-tip: Subscribing to blogs (hint, hint), makes it much easier to keep up with the bloggers that you like and never miss a post! Just scroll through your email perusing what you like.

  • EXISTENTIAL ANGST? More like relief from existential angst by wandering the broad visitas of Usfman’s travels and reading of his appreciate the vastness of his interior self. I know that it has eased my tortured spirit. (Snippets of a Traveling Mind)
  • WHITE OUT! Everyone on my social medias that are having cold and snowy winters are complaining so much I daren’t mention the balmy weather we enjoy here in the tropics this time of year. Luckily, though, the French have two films that might could help you appreciate the white stuff a bit more. Honest. Don’t laugh… especially not so maniacally. Put down that shovel! (cas d’interet)
  • OUT! OUT! DAMN CLOT! If you thought you were having a tough go of it during the pandemic, maybe you’ve had a serious medical condition that couldn’t get treated because of how many medical resources our #COVID19 patients are taking up. If that’s you, you’re not alone. (Suziland)
  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH! The things they didn’t teach us in school and are even less likely to teach our kids in school. Take the story of Seneca Village in what is now Central Park. (Introvert Awakenings)

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  1. As there’s nowhere else to note it, I note that with the exception of M @ Just Another Blog From L.A. I scooped the A-listers, scooped the big-blogs with my post on the 1,200-year drought. LOL ~ I lifted from the local squawk-box (tv station), who lifted it from CNN! A z-lister …

    Rats. Small dogs and large rats.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish they did sell chocolate Buddhas like chocolate Easter Bunnies.

      These animist traditions are strong here. You see little spirit houses outside of most homes and altars to ancestors and the house spirit in most homes and businesses. It’s a fun tradition. The chicken is actually stabbed through the back with a knife, but it doesn’t display the picture very well and never figured out how to manipulate it so that it did. Maybe I’ll just add it to the post.



  2. It is a hard point to get across, even to a lot of Earth First-ers and such that it is not about saving the planet, or even the polar bears, but about saving us, homo sapiens. We are currently in the 6th mass extinction for this little space rock, and Life has made it through the previous five, albeit with many species deleted and new ones evolving to fill the ecological niches. I read somewhere that since critters began moving out of the ocean onto land, the maximum size of animals that do make it through one is about the size of an average house cat or a large rat. We are bigger than that.

    BTW: Candice Louisa Daquin, she of TheFeatheredSleep also contributes essays to the Borderless Journal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Howdy Bob!

      I figure most of us are too egocentric and species-centric to really divorce ourselves from the notion that the world and life on it would continue even after we’re gone. It’s interesting that someone somewhere at some time made an estimate of the size of animal that could make it through an extinction event. I don’t think we qualify. Of course, we are builders and problem solvers, so we might could get enough of us through to start the process all over again.


      Liked by 1 person

      • My understanding about that size estimate is that it was based on fossil evidence of actual survivors. Our chances depend largely on how bad we let it get. So far, we are not on track to keep the temperature rise to 1.5C or less, but haven’t blown it yet. Time will tell, and neither of us will be around long enough to know the answer.

        Liked by 1 person

            • It’s adapt or extinction, right? We’ve been pretty good at exploiting our environmental niches and adapting to every biome the planet has to offer. All things being equal, we could adapt to the warmer less friendly climate, but the question is will our greed and narcissism allow us to.

              Liked by 1 person

              • We hominids made it through a super volcano explosion and and ice age, and whatever else for several million years as hunter-gatherers. We probably had our share of greed and narcissism then, but not the technology and scale to do serious damage. Perhaps, the question is whether we can go back to something more like that without losing the memory of when and how we screwed up. Part of the present problem is that there are way more of us than the planet can support in the style to which we are, or want to become accustomed.

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    • Thank you for the shout out. It’s always a good day when that happens. A doubly good day when it coincides with a mention in MBRU. We’re all smiles today at Ye Olde Blogge!



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