Helping Ukraine

As we watch the incredible courage of the Ukrainian people and horrific tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we all want to help. The best avenues for helping Ukraine that I’ve seen is a tweet by University of Amsterdam assistant professor, Olga Burlyuk, listed some of the most direct ways to donate to help the Ukrainian military and civilians. It lists everything from a suicide prevention hotline to helping the children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine to supplying the Ukrainian armed forces with the non-lethal supplies and another that helps with high tech to supporting a private non-profit paramedical brigade to supporting human rights, democracy, and refugees from Eastern Ukraine.

We all worry about and want to support those brave Ukrainians that we see on our computers, phones, and TVs every night. Let Ye Olde Blogge know about your worries and concerns and how you’ve helped. Ye Olde Blogge has wired money to the paramedics of the Hospitallers. We will donate what we can when we can in the future.

Our fight now is not only in the US but across the globe. The forces of authoritarianism are coming for democracies everywhere. Now is the time to do what we can to help save the world for the 99% from the oligarchs.

Please help support the resistance in Ukraine by…

…sharing this post widely with friends, family, neighbors, distant relations, acquaintances, and complete strangers

…liking and rating this post just because it warms my heart.

…leaving a comment with your thoughts and prayers concerning Ukraine and the fate of our world.

…and following Ye Olde Blogge or joining our email list.

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“Fuck Putin free Ukraine” by duncan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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