Narcissistic Personality

The Narcissism of the Far Right


From the post, The Narcissism of Donald J. Trump

Narcissism has two definitions or uses. One is the vernacular, which is often a synonym for conceit or vanity. The other is psychological and is shorthand for narcissistic personality disorder. We’re going to focus on the personality disorder (NPD) here.

From the DSM 5: NPD is defined as comprising a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), a constant need for admiration, and a lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by the presence of at least 5 of the following 9 criteria:

  • Having an ego so bloated that you think you are more important than you are
  • Deluding yourself that you are exceptional even if you haven’t ever done anything exceptional except being an exceptional ASShole
  • Lying through your teeth about everything you’ve done and your talents and your skills
  • Fapping to fantasies of your own success, power, brilliance, beauty
  • Needing to have your ass kissed constantly
  • Needing special favors and exceptions to be made for you because you are some kind of a special fragile snowflake
  • Expecting others to ask how high after you’ve screamed jump at them and like it!
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Being an insensitive asshole unable to acknowledge the emotions or needs of others or even that others exist outside of the purpose of meeting your needs
  • Seeing everyone around you as being green with envy for you and your bullshit
  • Being a stuck-up shit like some little queen bee high school mean girl

I can’t believe I have to write about narcissism, AGAIN! I got so tired of writing about it during the reign of error, explaining the stupid and just plain fucked up decisions or lack of decisions coming out of Trump’s ass that I had hoped with Biden’s election, I wouldn’t have to. Writing about the dark tetrad of personality traits is one thing, but narcissism has just gotten tedious.

However, times have demanded it. The CRT panic, refusing gun reform, overturning Roe v Wade and abortion bans, GRT and mass shootings, and the Big Lie and voter suppression and nullification efforts demand it. What’s the one thing that all the animating issues of far right politics has in common? A healthy heaping foundation of narcissism!

My fears, my “ethics,” my religion, my desires, my worldview are the only ones that matter, and, by god, we’ll all live by them. Anyone who has ever spent time with a narcissist knows that this is essentially how they run their life and the lives of everyone around them.

We’ll focus on just abortion to illustrate our point. You’re welcome to explore other issues in the comments, though. I’d love to hear about it. We’ll leave the nitty-gritty of narcissism to the side bar and previous posts.

Take a moment to read the nine criteria for NPD in the sidebar. Then, read along about abortion we apply them.

The pro-forced birth forces like to say that they are pro-life and that every lie is precious. Most liberals have shouted themselves horse pointing out that only fetal life is precious to those folk. As soon as it is born, as George Carlin pointed out, you’re on your own. And as the baby formula fiasco plays out, you don’t even warrant feeding.

However there are bigger narcissisticier gaping holes in the forced birth position. If the real deal was abortion, then promotion of sex ed and birth control would be at the forefront of their agenda. Afterall, studies show that making birth control easily available decreases the number of unplanned pregnancies and, therefore, abortion.

If they were only having a Jesus loves all the little children moment, then they would be promoting programs that actually help children fetal or otherwise like prenatal care, WIC, Medicare for all, school lunches, SNAP, Section 8, and other such social programs because they help children live happier, healthier, more satisfying lives, and grow up to be productive contributing adults.

Just a cursory review of the facts of the issue reveal that the hearts and minds of the forced birth crowd aren’t with the children or even abortion. They aren’t interested in doing anything other than punishing fornicating women by forcing them to have babies. Of course, as long as it hurts Blacks worst and first — white women and girls will be able to travel to get safe abortions.

If they were worried about life, they wouldn’t outlaw abortions. They would acknowledge that outlawing abortion just stops safe legal abortions for poor women and girls. Women and girls driven to desperation to end a pregnancy will take unbelievable risks and death rates will go up. But, that is only for the poor, who, according to most Puritan religious-types, deserve it because god shows his love by the amount of riches we have on earth, right?

Forcing women to carry unplanned for pregnancies to term will affect many aspects of women’s lives, especially their economic lives. Having babies is expensive in terms of time and money. Studies have shown that access to safe and legal abortion helps women continue and better their education, remain employed, and further their careers.

So, if the motivation for the forced birthers isn’t about life and babies, what is it? It’s about…

  • …thinking they are more important than they are or non-believers are.
  • …deluding themselves about how exceptional they are. Their beliefs are superior and all that crap.
  • …lying through their teeth about what their real goals and desires are. Banning contraception and extramarital sex?
  • …fapping to fantasies of your own success, power, brilliance, beauty. Definitely fapping at least to porn given the Google search terms. And, definitely overly confident that their interpretation of God and Christianity is the right one.
  • …needing to have their ass kissed constantly. I can’t make a wedding cake for the gays!
  • …needing special favors and exceptions to be made for you because you are some kind of a special fragile snowflake. I can’t make a wedding cake for the gays! I can’t provide birth control or abortion coverage for my employees.
  • …expecting all of us to ask how high after they’ve screamed jump at us and like it! We all just need to roll over and follow their “god-given” rules because they’re “right.”
  • …taking advantage of others to get what they want. They certainly have at least some voters hoodwinked into thinking it is just about abortion when it is imposing their restrictive Christian agenda on all of our social lives.
  • …being an insensitive asshole unable to acknowledge the emotions or needs of others or even that others exist outside of the purpose of meeting their needs. This is the biggie. They KNOW that banning abortion is going to kill people; they either just don’t care or it’s part of the plan.
  • …seeing everyone around you as being green with envy for them and their bullshit. They think that the rest of us are envious of their political prowess and influence.
  • …being a stuck-up shit like some little queen bee high school mean girl. They don’t need to talk to the rest of us or interact with us other than to call names and look down upon us from their high fucking hobby horse.

There is an arrogance and conceit that is part and parcel of having such rigid views. You have to be absolutely confident that you are correct. That kind of rigidity is dangerous. Flexibility and adaptation is necessary for survival because of the changes that occur in our environment, and they don’t have it. In fact, they are so certain that they are right that they’re willing to kill for it and risk all of our lives to achieve it.

Their bloated egos mean that they are easily manipulated by telling them what they want to hear. They are easily riled up by inflicting narcissistic wounds causing them to lash out and destroy those that offend them. Like Trump, they are ticking time bombs, leaving destruction and destroyed lives in their wake.

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  1. A look at the history of the abortion issue is revelatory. The GOP was generally agnostic in a Big Tent sort of way on the subject even after Roe v Wade. But around 1975, they discovered that there was a segment of the electorate who would vote on the issue, one big enough to swing the result at the polls. So, they set about to milk that segment to the max by getting the religious zealots to go political, which the evangelical churches had long avoided. So, it was never about the “babies”, the helpless unborn victims. In that respect, it seems they have found (finally) a category of born children to see as victims, the transgendered. Again, the religiously hide bound cannot believe that such a thing as transgenderism can be real in God’s world, and no child could come to think of themselves in that way except by being “groomed” by adults for nefarious purposes. For those people, Trans is against God’s Plan (as is homosexuality) and therefore the espousal of belief that it is real and Ok to be that way has to the work of, you guessed it, The Devil.

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    • Howdy Bob!

      I remember back in the late 1980’s picking up a pro-choice book and reading the forward. It was written by none other than George H. W. Bush. I had been printed either in the early ’80’s or late ’70’s before he became VP. He explained how the Bushes had always been pro-choice and that it was a right of women to have access to safe legal abortions using the language popular at the time for those notions. It was jarring to read such a cogent pro-choice argument written by a man who was, at the time I was reading it, so anti-choice.

      The callous and self-serving 180 that Poppy pulled just for his political career was very disappointing. Of course, we found out just a couple of years ago that Poppy played a minor role in Agnew’s saga of political malfeasance, trying to get the DA to back off his case against him.

      This is the problem with being so sure that you’re right, isn’t it? You quit listening to alternative explanations and ideas. He start in on groupthink. Your decisions become increasingly immoral and destructive. Is there a clearer example than the anti-abortion pro-gun bunch?


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      • I had forgotten that he, like many Republicans, used to be pro-choice. They now want to sound like their party has always been anti-choice. Of course, there are Democrats, or have been, who did the opposite flip once the issue became partisan. It has been said that the first casualty of war is truth. When winning is the only value, that is war, and truth and any other values become disposable.

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        • Howdy Bob!

          I read somewhere that one of the few remaining anti-choice Democratic Representatives is being challenged. I think that is a race in Texas. Of course, Manchin has always tried to play both sides of that issue.

          Truth is long since dead. We will have to fight long and hard to resurrect her. Probably not in our lifetimes, old friend.



  2. Of course, as long as it hurts Blacks worst and first — white women and girls will be able to travel to get safe abortions

    That’s not how it works. Rich people, of whatever race, are often able to evade laws; non-rich people, of whatever race, usually can’t. It’s a class thing, not a race thing. Most white people aren’t rich.

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    • Howdy Infidel!

      But studies of regions that have restrictive abortion laws suggest that only about one-quarter of women are affected and that one-quarter is poor and Black women are disproportionately represented. In addition, Black women are disproportionately affected by the fallout from restricting abortions, namely being unable to achieve higher levels of education or hold better paying jobs. It hurts Blacks first and worst like so many of our public policies do.



      • Butchering rabbits, if not cooking apples with onions.

        The biggest obstacle we have to overcome is recognizing it’s not about race. Race is the distraction, the card in three card monte, the (white) bimbo not wearing any underwear. Race hysteria is manufactured class hysteria just as surely as “race” is manufactured. The Haves have been playing the Have-Nots against each for time immemorial, it’s one of those things that lend credence to rumors of secret societies and the goings on within.

        The ends justify the means …

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        • Howdy Ten Bears!

          Race is a construct, but racism, particularly systemic racism is not. Systemic racism is the harm that is caused to a particular group of people due to the way the society is organized. It is demonstrated through statistics.

          Race is a distraction for poor whites so they will, as LBJ so eloquently put it, If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you. Thus, the rule of thumb for racists, they’ll put up with anything as long as they believe it hurts Blacks first and worst.

          The white have-nots are willing accomplices in their oppression.



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