Happy Birthday, Jill Biden! A First Lady Like No Other

Please join Ye Olde Blogge in wishing our First Lady, Jill Biden a very happy 71st birthday! What an amazing life she’s had! She’s the First Lady and was the Second Lady, and as both she was the first to work a paid job! She’s a college professor at Northern Virginia Community College where she teaches English and writing. A community college. Not an Ivy League school. Not a private university. Not even a state university or a prep school, but a community college. Can you imagine being a student in her class? A true First Lady of the people being so close to those of us who are working a nine-to-five and making their way through school.

“Showing up matters,” she explains. “That’s the feeling I get. You’re exhausted. You just do it.” 

A First Lady Undeterred

We often underestimate the advantage that experience gives, so having a First Lady who has already been Second and worked closely with the stellar Michelle Obama, has really helped. We know what is near and dear to her: education, health care, support for military and veteran families, and opportunities for women. Each of her visits, her kind and encouraging words, the attention she brings to these issues means so much to those involved.

But, perhaps where she’s made the biggest difference is returning dignity and normalcy to the White House. We know what to expect from her: class and decorum. When she visits grieving families after national disasters like the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, we know that she is there for those families that she’ll say the right things that they will find comfort and solace in her words and presence.

And for this aging blogger and many more, she is an inspiration for what is possible in our older age. Born in 1951 — excuse me while I take off my shoes — that makes her 71 this year, and she’s still teaching three times a week and traveling to multiple states and doing all of the other things we expect from our First Ladies.

Happy birthday, Jill! We love you!

Join Ye Olde Blogge in wishing First Lady, Jill Biden, a happy birthday in 2022!
Happy Birthday, Jill Biden! A First Lady Like No Other!

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    • That she would. We didn’t realize how lucky we were to have the team of Michelle and Jill as our First and Second Ladies. They did a lot of good. And, I meant what I said, she inspires me as I close in on retirement.


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