Contact the Administrator of GSA and Tell Her to Begin the Transition

UPDATE: On Thursday 19 November I fixed some phrasing and ubiquitous typos, and more importantly, I strengthened the wording of the script and changed the wording of the tweet emphasizing the need to start the transition to help save lives during the pandemic. It is clear that the longer the transition is delayed, the more lives will be lost and those lives on her.

You probably know that the administrator of the Government Services Administration (GSA) must formally ascertain that #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of Election 2020 by signing a letter authorizing the issuance of funds for the transition. Transitioning between administrations is a complex task because the federal government is a complex entity. It requires the incoming administration to have office space and other federal resources. It requires the issuance of security clearances for transition personnel on the incoming team so that records can be released to them and security briefings can be given to the right people.

This small step by this obscure political appointee is a crucial step in the transition. Without it, the transition cannot occur or cannot be accomplished as easily, efficiently, and efficaciously. Without it our welfare is not ensured. It leaves us vulnerable to attacks from our adversaries and to the ravages of the #COVID19 pandemic. We are vulnerable to crises that the incoming administration will not be able to handle as well as it could have had the transition had gone as it traditionally has been done.

Many have worried about the Ol’ Pussy Grabber harming our country out of petty narcissistic spite and vengeance. This is one of those ways. He will do everything he can to hamstring Biden.

Call to Action

The good news is that there is something you can do to help the process along! You can contact the administrator of the GSA, Emily Murphy, and politely urge her to put politics aside, do her job, and follow the law. The operative term here is POLITELY. We should not be contributing to the problem of incivility in our political intercourse no matter how snarky, sarcasticky, or profaney we are here at Ye Olde Blogge. And, we never ever make threats of violence or make death threats. That is not cool.

If she receives enough phone calls, emails, and tweets urging her to prevent a catastrophe that could occur because the transition is delayed, she just might could do it in spite of how angry the Ol’ Pussy Grabber will be.

The Script

Use this script in your efforts to contact her.

Dear Ms Murphy:

I am writing as a concerned citizen to urge you to put politics aside and accept the outcome of the election.I urge you to ascertain that Joe Biden is the apparent winner of the election. It hurts nothing to initiate the transition if it turns out that Trump did win, but it improves our national and domestic security if the transition proceeds as it has traditionally been done. As you know the delay in the transition from President Clinton to Bush in 2000 likely contributed to the disastrous terrorist attack on us on 9/11. Please don’t leave us vulnerable to that kind of catastrophe.

In addition, we are seeing tens of thousands of new #COVID19 infections, record hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths each and every day. Every day you delay the transition adds to the suffering, misery, and death the pandemic visits upon Americans. That suffering, misery, and death are on you. You are responsible for them. For Biden to be prepared to address the pandemic on day one, he needs the transition to begin immediately.

You can be a hero. You can step up and save lives. Please use the evidence that is in the public sphere to ascertain that Joe Biden is the apparent winner of the election and begin the transition.


Use this tweet, if you so desire. It will go to her.

@GSAEmily! Every death from #COVID19 that occurs is on you! You are preventing #BidenHarris from getting the information they’ll need to hit the ground running. You can be a hero. You can save lives. Ascertain Biden as the apparent winner of #Election2020

Let us know if you contact her office and how it goes in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information

  • The GSA website
  • The GSA contact page
    • The GSA phone number: 1-844-GSA-4111
    • Live Chat available Sunday 9:00pm–Friday 9:30pm Eastern Time
    • A contact form to hear back within 24 hours
    • A contact by topic option that does not list presidential transistion, so it is useless
  • Ms Murphy’s email address:
  • Ms Murphy’s Twitter handle: @GSAEmily

Thank you for helping get the transition started. Please urge your friends, family, acquaintances, social media “friends,” and even complete strangers to do the same.

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