The Lying Challenge

Howdy y’all!

Recently, I wrote about why we believe lies. When we encounter something new, we have to decide whether we believe it or not. We follow a kind of algorithm to decide:


  • The information activates a network of associations.
  • We compare the new information to similar information that is located in the network.
  • If it seems similar — this is an imperfect emotional comparison — we believe it. If not, we don’t.
  • Thinking is hard, so unless something rouses our suspicions, we simply accept it without further consideration.

The challenge is to write about a lie. Either one you told, one you believed, or one you didn’t believe. Of course, when I say lie, I include something that you thought was true but wasn’t.

  • Details:
    • Make it a tale.
    • Tell us about what it was like.
    • Why did you tell it, believe it, or not believe it?
    • Were you aware of the associative network as you were telling it, believing it, or disbelieving it?
    • What was correcting the record like?
  • Tag: BelieveLies
  • Deadline: Friday 5 August 2016

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