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Quick Thoughts: Trump’s Achille’s Heel

That Trump is a narcissistic personality disorder is a foregone conclusion. His thin-skinned “counter-puncher” routine is a direct result of his narcissism, which should be fairly clear to us. What may not be clear is his inability to reach out to voters outside of the committed few. He is invested in his demographic, white men, and he’s making little to no attempt to appeal to anyone else.

Trump loves the large cheering adoring crowds. Yesterday he changed a town hall-style meeting in Ohio into a large rally. If he were to have a smaller event or tried to appeal to non-white male voters, what might happen? He might be rejected. He might not have the adoring crowds. He might encounter real resistance at a small meeting with voters that he could not shame and eject. His ego can’t risk it.

Unless there is a major security event that scares people into voting for Trump before the election, he probably can’t poll much higher than 40%.

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  1. Hey, Jack! I really like the concept! And you know… kinda feel like stealing it! ha ha!
    In the context of Trump and psychology what interests me the most is this: his attitude towards women. Did you notice the patronizing and so-to-say “woman, know your place!” attitude towards his wife, yet an apparent admiration and pride in his daughter? What do you think about that? Is it that he treats his daughter as his biggest project in a sense, and the one where he truly succeeded and hence it is once again – all about his-narcissistic-self? Or there is something else to it? Just wondering…


  2. Yes Trump needs constant stroking of his ego to sustain his superiority complex. I agree that he will therefore have difficulty expanding his “flock of sheep” now. He has alienated just about everybody but rich, white males.

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  3. Jack, I like the concept of the Quick Thought. A quick read a little longer than a tweet. I’m like Suze. I may steal this idea myself. One thing you may want to consider. The contrast between your type and your background is still very difficult for me to read. I’m no Millennial. I’m almost 70 and have cataracts, However, a lesson I learned in decades of the newspaper business and the advertising game: For print (newspapers, mags, brochures and billboards) the higher the contrast, the better the readership. Just sayin’.

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    • Yeah, I’ve been working on the contrast issue. The problem is that the only way to affect the font color is to adjust the background color. So, my choices are, change the CSS (not likely at this point), change the template (possible), or continue to tweak the background color (likely).



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