Trump’s Bombing Reactions

This tweet is from the guy who jumped the gun Friday night to announce that a bomb had gone off in NYC BEFORE anyone had conclusively concluded that it was a bomb! And then followed it up the next day by declaring that he called it first! This is the guy that uses terrorist attacks or at least the least hint of a terrorist attack for self-aggrandizement!
This is the guy who would not leave this Tweet out there — and clearly doesn’t realize that once it’s on the Interwebs, it is always on the Interwebs — but would post this on his FB:
“Hillary Clinton’s weakness while she was Secretary of State, has emboldened terrorists all over the world to attack the U.S., even on our own soil. They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President – so that they can continue their savagery and murder.”


Gee, Trump, gaslight much? Of course he does every time he spews gobbledygook from his pie hole! But that’s a whole other series of posts, ain’t it. Today, we are trying to constrain ourselves to focusing on illusory explanation and emotional decision making. Hard as that might be. Focus, y’all, focus and discipline, two things Trump ain’t got.

The Weaponization of the Presidential Election

In a very strange way, Trump is the latest ISIS weapon used against America and the West. A Trump presidency would do more to accomplish ISIS’ goals than any other event they could concoct! Even his running benefits ISIS. ISIS — and Putin — has now weaponized our presidential election to use against us! How much of a mind fuck is that? And Trump is a willing participant because it feeds his massively bloated, greedy, lustful, envying, glutinous, angry, slothful ego.

Nothing exemplifies how badly he can hurt us and help ISIS and Putin and all of our other enemies (Iran? North Korea? the Chinese?) more than his terrorism policies — if you can call his half-baked barely articulated thoughts about terrorism policy. Give me a crap sandwich and call it lunch, calling this drivel policy is an insult to every second grade class that developed its own class rules. If we collect everything he’s said about terrorism throughout this long arduous exhausting amusing entertaining riveting car wreck of an election, we come up with a short list of feel-good crowd-pleasing statements:

  • We’ve got to be very tough!
  • We’ve got to knock the hell out of ’em!
  • We’ll profile ’em!
  • We’ll extreme vet ’em!
  • We’ll ask them about their ideology!

cottoncandyYeah! Trump is going to make America great again! Trump is going to make us safe! He’s going to keep all the bad people out of the country. It all feels great. Terrorism scares us — duh, that’s why they call it terrorism, amirite? It seems like we can’t stop it from happening. But, according to Trump, that’s wrong; we can stop it from happening, it’s just that we’re doing it wrong. He’ll do it right because magic or something. His statements are all emotionally satisfying, but the equivalent of cotton-candy: they may taste good, but they will not provide any nutrition, leave you nauseated, and rot your teeth.

Emotional Decision-Making

Why is this emotional appeal so successful in politics? It has been used over and over from the beginning of human kind to sway people to one opinion or another? People are emotional decision makers. We use our rational minds to justify our emotional decisions. It is inescapable. So, Trump seduces us with an emotional statement about how easy it is to keep us safe.

There are several truism about how the brain has evolved that help explain this ugly phenomenon:

  1. Emotions are easy.
  2. Emotions are fast.
  3. Emotions are constant.
  4. Thinking is hard.
  5. Thinking is slow.
  6. Thinking is intermittent.
  7. People are inherently lazy.

Consequently, we will take the easy route when given the choice. The brain is designed that way. When you’re scared, it is harder to think, so we will use emotions when endangered. When you’re scared, you’re likely to be in danger, so fast is preferable too slow.

Trump on Terrorism

So let’s examine Trump’s… uh… thoughts (?) on terrorism in light of the NY-NJ bombings and the above, okay?

We’ll knock the hell out of ’em!

rockemsockemrobotsWe are knocking the hell out of ISIS. Their caliphate is on the verge of being no more. Their leadership has been decapitated. Their top leaders have been killed. Their toppest leader hasn’t been heard from in months. Their money sources have been squeezed and cut off.

We’ll extreme vet ’em!

The NY-NJ bomber went to Pakistan and visited the hot beds of terrorism there. He was scrutinized extra-special hard when he came back. Who knows for sure what took place when he was in Quetta, but let’s suppose he made contact with al-Qaeda (he has never referenced ISIS in his writings) and, perhaps, got some training on how to do terrorism in the US, don’t you think some of that training would have been how to answer whatever questions US Customs or FBI or Homeland Security would throw at him? Wouldn’t such procedures preclude Trump’s extreme vetting which includes ideology?

We screen refugees so extremely right now that it takes 18 to 24 months, a year and a half to two years, to enter the States. How much more extreme can the vetting process be made? We’ll ask them about their ideology? Have you now or ever been a member of the Communist Party? What? The bankruptcy inherent in that idea is so stupidly obvious that it doesn’t need any more explanation.

We’ll profile ’em!

We already do profile travelers. I’ve found closer questioning of my movements and history the last three or four times that I’ve entered the US and I’m a pudgy soft old white curmudgeon! I’ve seen people of color grilled by border officers and several led into the interrogation rooms. Literally, saw an old man of color taken off today for closer screening probably because the boxes that they tick in the profile of a possible terrorist were ticked.

Nothing in Donald Trump’s plan will make us safer. It is a cope out. It is a con. It is a shortcut. It is dangerous. It creates a false sense of confidence. It elects a candidate who cannot do the intellectual work that is necessary to put the policies and practices in place that will keep us safe. It elects a candidate that cannot do the intellectual work that is necessary to organize the bureaucracy necessary to effectively implement those policies and practices.

Our last four spectacularest incidents of terrorism: The Boston Marathon bombing, the San Bernardino mass shooting, the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting, and the NY-NJ bombings were all committed by people who were naturalized citizens who immigrated with their families as children! How will Trump’s extreme vetting profiling knocking the hell out of them protect us from those people?

campfiresingalongIt won’t, but it feels good to say we have a solution even if that solution is the equivalent of riding unicorns over rainbow bridges eating heart-shaped cupcakes singing Kumbaya and holding hands with our BFFs!

The truth is that we are already doing a pretty good job of screening actual immigrants and other travelers since we haven’t had any terrorist attacks by them in the past how many years? Since we’re on the truth, if we examine the evidence, our biggest terrorist threat originates with disaffected white American men who choose to solve their problems through mass shootings.

I get why John Q. Fucked-Up Public is drawn like a fly to open pustular running soars on a near corpse, but why would a president be proposing such vacuous solutions for such a serious problem other than treason that is?

Trump’s Personality

Trump’s personality consists of these characteristics as far as I can tell:

  • Openness to new ideas are walled off by a yooge beautiful wall  preventing him from experiencing anything new or different.
  • Conscientiousness is a black-hole of awareness of the needs of others to the degree that he truly believes that if his needs are met… well fuck everyone else then.
  • Extroversion is in spades where he can’t be alone and requires others to be amazed and impressed by him and cheer him none stop otherwise the world stops and the sun supernovas and we wouldn’t want that now would we?
  • Agreeableness is, of course, nonexistent in the Trump personality. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you are happy or not and if you complain he’ll sue you and if you can withstand the lawsuit, or it looks like he’ll lose, he’ll come to a settlement and pay it off with his charity’s other people’s money. So, fucking there.
  • Neuroticism is probably the dominate trait in his personality: volatile mood swings and unending worry about whether he is the bestestestee eats away at his soul like bathing in battery acid.

If you add it all up, Trump don’t have no more fucks to give about America, so can he haz all of the presidencies now? He is literally incapable of doing the real work of developing the policies and programs needed to keep us safe. He doesn’t have the intellect necessary for running the bureaucracy needed to implement the policies and programs needed to keep us safe. He is only capable of uttering platitudes of nothingness that pander to our emotions and basest in. His only skill is being able to manipulate the emotions of others. That is dangerous.

The Racist Skittles Analogy

skittlesEven that wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t have a national paradigm that white people can’t be butt hurt about considering anyone else’s problems and that we will win end the end if we just man up and knock the living hell out of evil which is defined as anyone and everyone that opposes white America. Yeah, white America is so weak that we can only focus on our needs and resent the hell out of anyone else that wants our piece of the pie. We are so insecure and short-sighted that we are so willing to let him endanger us if only he tells us the sweet and simple things that we want to hear. Seriously, that is the definition of the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid.

But, but, but profiling and banning and stuff makes so much sense the nonsensical alt-right blubbers at us. And, reasons! Like Lil Don Don’s Skittle analogy. If we have 1,000 individual Skittle pieces and three are poisoned, would you take any of the 1,000 assuming perfect random distribution? Of course, not! That is intuitively correct. What is incorrect is to connect that reasoning to Syrian refugees! Even the corporate person known as Wrigley’s knows that! Skittles are candy; refugees are people and we’d explain it further but then we might be exploiting a helpless dumbass for corporate gain, so they don’t.

But, but, but why aren’t we safer by refusing all of the refugees like we would be by refusing all of the Skittles? For one thing, refusing the Skittles only makes you safe from that particular batch of Skittles. If there is a poisoner out there determined to poison us, they’ll try again some other way. So, when you have your Snickerdoodle and feel all smug and safe while you writhe on the ground foaming at your fucking mouth like an idiot child thinking they’ve outsmarted mom or dad!

The solution to the poisoner is not to avoid the initial trap, although that helps and we are doing that, but to catch the fucking poisoner, idiot! Sheesh, don’t they teach us anything in school any more? Okay, but we still don’t eat no Skittles while the poisoner is at large, right? So, we still don’t let no stinking Syrian refugees in while ISIS is still trying to kill us all, right?

For fuck’s sake, haven’t you read or understood anything I’ve written so far? We’re winning against ISIS. They would love to send terrorists to do all the terrorisms to us, but we are too good at stopping them. We’ve reduced them to amateur hour starring the deluded, paranoid, and love lorn. While the terrorist attacks that have succeeded have sickened me, they aren’t any worse than any other crime that has happened in the country. We have the skills, resources, technology, and ability to protect ourselves from terrorist both domestic and foreign without giving up our dedication to human rights.

Trump offers up a straw man that we can joust with when we could be trying to figure out what makes a person who immigrates to our country as a child or is born to immigrant parents, radicalize as an adult, and then carry out a terrorist attack. That’s where our resources need to go. Electing a pandering idiot who is just cynically trying to exploit our fears and insecurities for personal gain who either can’t or won’t do the intellectual work necessary to accomplish the task of keeping us safe is just courting disaster. In fact, it is downright suicidal. It is using the ISIS weapon against ourselves. It is embracing the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid.





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    • Howdy Suze!

      I just don’t know what to say! I’m so humbled and proud and verklempt! I only hope to be able to live up to the expectations and high standards of the award to carry the long honored tradition forward. I’d like to thank my mother for never believing in me, but always criticizing me while being loyal enough to read my work no matter how preposterous or ridiculous. She’s always been a trooper even if she does exact a pound of flesh as payment.

      Thank you Suze. I’ll never forgive you for honoring me with such a prestigious award!


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  1. One of the probable reasons for the naturalized citizens to become affiliated with terrorist groups is the way White America treats them. The racism in this country is destroying us from the inside out. They experience it for years, see that nothing ever changes and decide to lash out against the “man”. I don’t blame them at all either.

    Liked by 2 people

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