An unaired interview on Trump, authoritarianism and kleptocracy

I was struck by the line where she says many of her Missouri Pussy Grabbing supporters are dismayed by the forming Pussy Grabbing kleptocracy. Not what they signed up for, they say. How the fuck did they not know, is what I say.

Sarah Kendzior

A few weeks ago, a news outlet sent me some interview questions, which I answered too late for the interviewer to use and therefore they didn’t get printed. (I apologize to this outlet and to everyone else to whom I’ve replied late; it has been an overwhelming month and I’m getting hundreds of emails per day.)

Anyway, these questions are among those I’m most frequently asked, so I’m printing the interview here myself. I answered these on November 26:

I’ve been following your work for a while, and got the impressions that you saw this disaster coming when most of the Liberal media and blogosphere was still in denial. What made you so worried?

There are three reasons I was able to predict the election fairly well and see Trump’s rise early. The first is that I used to work in New York tabloid media, and have in recent years…

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