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A Quickie: Congress & White House Are A Single Party Democratic Kleptocracy

I rail against the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid because we have allowed ourselves, as a group, to become so stupid that we have put our entire way of life at risk. Great.

Here’s the thing: in a two party system, you are either in one party or the other. There are no neutral players. You cannot sit out. By not participating you have allowed the party to have won to win. You are as responsible as any voter is. In essence, you voted for the winning candidate, like it or not.

Here’s another thing: there is no such thing as a protest vote. You voted for one side or the other. If you voted for a candidate that did not have a chance of winning — Jill Stein or Gary Johnson — just so you could vote without voting for either the Ol’ Pussy Grabber or Clinton, then you voted for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber.

You are either in one party or the other. That’s the two party system.

Right now, the GOP is not behaving as a democratic entity. They are behaving as a single party totalitarian system. In a single party democracy, the party wins by 99% of the vote. That’s what the GOP does not want free and open elections. They want to win all of the time. They have actively pursued a two-pronged strategy to achieve this end: gerrymandering and voter suppression. That is not democracy. That is the desire to be a single party that always wins.

The GOP, right now, is ignoring a very serious attack on our sovereignty. The Russians have sought to interfere with our election and place an incompetent mentally ill impulsive nincompoop in the White House as president, but because the Ol’ Pussy Grabber happened to run as their candidate, they are willing to ignore this attack for their own short term gain.

The GOP is engaged in demagoguery. These are precisely the behaviors of a totalitarian dictatorial regime that is bent on fleecing the country for its own benefit. Right now under the guise of healthcare reform, they are engineering a huge transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the upper class. They will build upon this with their tax reform.

grift2trumpshopThe Ol’ Pussy Grabber is engaged in all of the grift, graft, and klepting that he can manage in his numbered days in office. He is not even attempting to govern. He still has 500 appointments to make and seems to not be interested in filling them. The State Department is gutted and running on a skeleton crew. The secretaries of the branches of the military have not been filled. He hasn’t been vetting his cabinet and lower nominees, so they have run into problems in the confirmation processes. He isn’t even trying.

We are now within one serious crisis — Katrina, 9/11, confrontation with China, the North Korean missile and nuclear weapons, Russian invasion of surrounding countries — of up ending the administration. With an understaffed inexperienced White House, we will not be able to cope with a large national crisis, and the Repubican Congress is not trying to check and balance the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. They have shown no concern for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s glaringly obvious incompetence or inability and unwillingness to govern.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber and the Repubican Congress are only concerned for their own welfare and gain. They are not governing. They are behaving like a single party totalitarian dictatorial state, and it is what they want to have.

It is time to take sides. If you are not actively involved in promoting and electing Democratic candidates for office, then you are helping the Repubican kleptocracy take root and grow strong.

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